Summon Token Upgrades – Trade/Convert Multiple Daily Summons Tokens into Epic Hero Tokens

Great idea! At least, we should be given an option for such trade in.

One more vote for this - it would be a great idea. I was thinking something very similar, and then came across this post. It is an idea that is long past overdue.

The Alchemy Lab (one of the buildings to he introduced in summer/fall 2019) would be the perfect place to convert the tokens. After all, it was one of the ultimate goals of alchemists to turn less precious metals into gold :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If implemented/balanced correctly, such a feature would be a nice bonus for advanced players without breaking the game :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would be very happy if I can trade 4 heros 4* and trade with a random one.the same for 5* or 3*. Including Atlantis heros. My Wilbur is missing. Can’t find him. Lool.

I think it would be neat to be able to cash in 50 or 100 Simon tokens to get 1 epic hero token

What about after every 10 epic summons you get a free epic summon token also ?

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Reminds me of the shard idea.
It comes down to this:

Most of us: We are not happy, we politely ask the developer for a bit more to enhance our enjoyment of the game

Some: We will never be happy with this game model, and will always complain

Some: take what the devs give you, or go away

Some: i will exploit every hole possible to get an advantage, then spread it to my friends and ruin it for the rest

A few: we are happy how things are

No one: this is a perfect transcendent game with no flaws

Have a meter like you do for the 100 gems a day for a dollar but do it like you do 100 daily summons and you get a free legendary token.

What do you mean by “legendary token”? Do you mean epic hero token? So, are you saying an epic hero token every 100 daily summons, or roughly 3.6 tokens per year?

If you level-up beyond player level 100, you get an epic hero token at each level-up… I’m currently at player level 112 and level-up on average every 5-6 days, so I get epic hero tokens quite frequently (more than 1 per week).

100 summon tokens can be converted into 1 legendary token basically.

I like this idea but if it is implemented, I fear summon tokens will be more rare.

They are already super rare as it is lol

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Suggestion to create in alchemy lab transmutation from silver coin to epic/troop coins with gems cost.

It would be grateful to us, so please think about it.

25 Silver coins + 75 gems= Troop coin (2D to transmute)
50 Silver coins + 150 gems= Epic coin (5D to transmute)

These are going to be an alternative way yo summon economically. Increasing several days to transmute coins, will prevent abuse this system.

Hope to consider this option

I love the idea of adding a transmute of summon coins. But, why the included cost of adding gems to the transmute ingredient? This is a considerable number of proposed silver coins to sacrifice for a single troop coin or epic coin… Aren’t the summons in the silver coin portal around 150 gems each (I don’t recall the cost, I have over 1000 silver coins saved atm, and the portal is not displaying the summon cost)? – so, for example, 25 silver coins would have the value of 3750 gems, that is a lot of sacrifice for a single troop coin; there is absolutely no need to include gems as an ingredient for the transmute, as the silver coins already have gem value built into them.

Nonetheless, I love the idea (sans, gem cost) and would be willing to giving up silver coins for an opportunity at transmuting to troop or epic coin.

Even though a silver summon is “worth” 150 gems, it obviously isn’t that valuable in real life. On the other hand, if I needed to add 150 gems to 50 silver coins, that “feels” too expensive, since the epic coin is certainly only worth 300.

If it were a direct trade 50 silver for one gold, then I’d have to weigh losing 50 summons for the PoV against getting one decent summon, and I very well might not do it (or at least hold off until knowing for certain I had received the mats for that PoV cycle)… Which is probably a good price point, for that matter.

I added gems because SG never… NEVER will give us good gift… so my intention is divide their intention to earn money with our hope to use silver coins more efficiency

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