Summon Token Upgrades – Trade/Convert Multiple Daily Summons Tokens into Epic Hero Tokens

The free summons you get from vip say 2x free and have no tokens involved. Those summons expire if you don’t collect them before ypu get another 2x free summons the next day.

Tokens have no expiration date and are 100% bankable. You can get a hero token today and not use it for months and it will still be there. Other tokens you accumulate in the same category will also be added to it.

There are silver for the basic summons. I accumulate about 4 or 5 of these a day on a slow day. I’ve seen players with as many as 1600. Some players use this tactic to stock up until they have multiple heros they want to power level. It’s a free feeder bank that doesn’t require space in your roster or the utilization of a training camp.

Common strategy.


Is it worth holding back troops probably a level though? (probably 2 levels w 1600 tokens!)

I like it! Great idea!.. Where do i sign up to vote lol

Depends on the individual really.

Some would rather just toss gems on troop 10x pulls for 3*&4* troop feeders rather than spend the hams eating 1&2*. 4* troops that are level 15 + definitely start getting expensive in hams to gain a level or 2 with 1&2*

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1600 gems for troop feeders?? ■■■■ I wish I had that kind of money…

When you see rainbow level 20+ 4* troops you can probably guess they’ve done at least 1 10x troop pull at some point

I haven’t done any troop pulls with gems


I think idea is good, but 15 tokens to change is sufficient

you can remove yuor past votes :joy::joy::joy:

Cool… Thank you!

I have another idea: remove summon coommon token from reward chests and replace them with ETT or EHT!!! Is worthless fighting for an elemental chest and at the end you discover three common tokens!!!.. Of course and the other chests become worthless with thise tokens…

If they were to do that they would also cut the occurrence of elemental chest by 10… no thanks, I’d rather have the chance at something good more often than a guaranteed reward very rarely

Nicely summarized. I think the lingo of tokens and summons were getting tied up there and thats why some people may have been confused. I was just about to chime in and I saw ur post. To add I save my tokens and then randomly pull 10 and 20 at a shot. Save up epics too. Just feel as though it’s always an advantage to pull multiple. Anyway great summation!

Do you have now ar 10 regular chests an elemental chest???.. maybe you play a different game…

Don’t think you understand my comment…
I believe 9/10 of the time a silver token pops up. If you want those token to be gold 10/10 of the time then what they will do is make chest 10 times as rare.

Yep! Now i understand. Sorry… And i want gold tokens at the same rate like commons now​:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

After reaching a certain point in the game, the daily free token becomes virtually worthless to most players. Anything coming from the daily summon is destined to be food, so here is my idea (apologies if this has been suggested before):

Accumulate a set amount of tokens, 50 for example, and the player has an option to trade them for either an epic hero or epic troop token.

Given the almost complete absence of epic tokens in ANY chest now, why not at least let the players have a regular opportunity at getting one?

Totally agree, it is useless. One in a while you get a 3* but when i say once in a while, i mean a very long while. And yes, it seems that epic token or silver chess for mission are almost none existent now. I got 1 in 4 month of gaming, in my opinion its unacceptable. I feel they are leaning toward and slowly… (slick) ++ptw.

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Nice suggestion, store tokens under general with a use and swap button.

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