Summon Token Upgrades – Trade/Convert Multiple Daily Summons Tokens into Epic Hero Tokens

I was thinking it would be cool if you could save up your summon tokens and then use groups of them to use for Epic or Elemental summons.

What I mean is, if you save 5 summon tokens, you could trade them in for a single Epic troop summon. Or if you save 10 summon tokens, you could trade them in for a single Epic Hero summon. And then if you saved 20 summon tokens you could trade them in for a single Elemental summon.

What do you folks think?


That’s a good idea. I think your ratios are way off, mind. Maybe 20 summon tokens for sn epic troop token and 40 for an epic hero token.


Actually I think yours too high. I could see 10/20 but not 20/40.

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I think Epic tokens should be more common. Just sayin’.


10/20 makes the game far too easy. Why do people always want to make the game easier? Easy is boring. Easy is stepping on an ant. Easy is hitting a toddler with a leg of lamb. Easy is meek and sad.

Being able to exchange summons tokens is a great idea, but at least make it a challenge, an exchange you have to seriously consider the merits of, or what’s the point? At 10/20, you’d be an idiot ever not to exchange. Make it 20/40 and you have to think about it a bit. That’s what I want - make me think.


I think this is a great idea. Right now the daily summon tokens are pretty much useless and I don’t even bother using them since my 3* team has been max out for a whole month. I agree that 10/20 would be a good suggestion and 40 is just way too long. Don’t forget that you are trading 40 daily tokens for a small chance at a 4* or 5* card. Assume you get 2 daily summon tokens a day, that means 20 days for a small chance at a 4* card. I don’t plan on playing this game for 2 years to get cards to work on.


One should collect more than two summons tokens daily. I haven’t made the calculation, but I think four would be considerably closer to reality, unless you’re a dilettante who is not really into the game.

So we agree, basically - we both think 10 days play ought to be enough for an elite summons token. If you can’t collect 40 simple summons tokens in this time, then you’re not really trying.


Yes that’s why I thought the numbers I suggested were good. The random nature of the token usage means you have to try more often to get cards to help. I once bought a $30 pack and out of all the characters I drew, only one was of any use. So, since the random gamble of characters is there (and I think it should stay stay that way, by the way) an exchange shouldn’t be too high in numbers if one was implemented, IMO.

We don’t agree. Moving right along. :sunglasses:

I’m curious, where do you draw the line on difficulty?

For those who are new to the game or maybe just have missed opportunities, can you walk us through how you collect 40 tokens in 10 days?

You get one free summons token every day.

Every day you also get:
1 x ad to watch (it’s actually more than this, but we’ll call it 1)
2 x map missions (kill 100 monsters)
2 x raid missions (kill 40 heroes)
1 x Titan to kill

None of these guarantees a token, but all generate a chance. I think you get a token about 60% of the time, but to be conservative let’s call it 50%, for an additional 3 tokens per day on average (some days you get 1, some days you get 7) a total of four per day.

Even if you feel like you are cursed, and get a summons token less than 50% of the time from these rewards, or say sometimes you can’t kill your Titan, consider that summons tokens are also often awarded for aggregate Titan kills, and for levelling up. I haven’t even counted those.

So if you’re not getting 40 every 10 days, either you are unfathomably unlucky or you’re just not taking your opportunities.

Emoji time! :yum:

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Just enough and not too much? Does that help? No? It’s a hard question to answer.

Maybe it would be more helpful to say that I feel the current level of difficulty is about right. My equilibrium level of trophies is about 2600, I been playing the game for, I don’t know, 2 months, maybe, and I have collected five 4* heroes. I do not have all 3* troops. My team of 4* heroes contains colour repetition. My team could be a lot better. I haven’t spent any money, yet.

At this stage, I find that I acquire something that is useful every week or two, be it a crafting item that I will need to ascend one of my heroes later on, troops that provide an immediate imrprovement or make possible an alternative arrangement of characters, or - the white whale! - a new 4* hero.

That seems pretty fair. When I get something new and useful it is a buzz. If I was tripping over 4* heroes and perfect ascension materials every couple of days then it would all seem a bit pointless.

I see. That clarifies a lot, actually. You’re a bit farther in the game than I am.

I’ve got a couple 4* heroes on my defense team, but my attack team is all 2-3* heroes. I set it up that way so I’d have access to all colors when matching gems, which obviously isn’t needed on defense. Every one of them has 3* troops though.

I like to joke in chat that when I raid, cups go down, but when I log off, cups go up. Not really a joke though… that actually happens just like that. That’s where I find the difficulty not really to my liking because when I’m actually trying, I’m getting matched against teams that, mathematically speaking, I have no chance against. I suppose that might even out in time though.

Anyway, it appears I dragged us off topic. Sorry about that.

No worries - you’re not necessarily off topic and that was a clear and intelligent reply.

If you’ve got some 4* heroes, you ought definitely to be using at least one on attack. I can understand not wanting to double up a colour, if both your 4* heroes are the same colour, but you ought to experiment with it for a while to see if the upgrade in power plus the cool special outweighs the loss of hits from one particular colour. Using a 2* is definitely a bit dodgy.

As to winning trophies from raids, always remember that you gotta punch up, not down. Attack players with more trophies than you. If you really want to be devious, attack players with more trophies than you but who have obviously poor teams. Don’t waste your time hitting people with fewer trophies than you.

In a macro sense I must observe, though, that at your stage of the game I found there was constantly some way I could make my team better, some reward that would help me out. Are you really finding it unpleasantly difficult?

I have never EVER gotten 7. The most I’ve seen in a day is 4, typical is ONE. Which brings my average to 2 daily. (And I play constantly).

The issue isn’t really how many Summon tokens one gets though, but the quality of the token…because four summons of Derric or other 1*s doesn’t really help me. I’d be happy to see an Epic token sprinkled in there every so often…once a week? Once every two weeks?


The reason I think the drop rate for summons tokens from those sources is about 60% is because I logged it for a fortnight about a month ago (hey - numbers are my thing) and that’s the rate I got. Mind you - that’s still a pretty small sample size, so I allow it could easily be 50%. It’s also possible that I’m just really lucky and the actual drop rate is closer to 10%, but that’s less likely, statistically speaking.

As to the quality of the summons token, well that’s where we started on this thread - with the idea that one should be able to hoard simple summons tokens and exchange them for epic tokens. I think it should take about 40 simple summons tokens to score an epic, while others argue 20 would be more appropriate.

You are 1 person, with 1 person’s experience, so = small sample size. :grin:

As for “numbers of tokens to save up,” I spend em when I get em and feed the resulting 1* to my latest hero. I’m not saving 20, and deffo not 40.

I personally think smallgiantgames can make epic tokens more frequent in the game. I wait to see if they will do so.

The sample size is even smaller than that - I only logged for a couple of weeks.

We could widen this out if you want to, of course. I’d be happy to start logging again for a week or two if others will also do so. It’s mildly tedious but hardly a great burden. Anyone interested?

I’ll try to remember and post here…I can tell you that the last few days have been “one”. :confounded: