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Hi to all, is there any tips for summon, I don’t have any luck in summoning, yesterday I spent lot of gema and just get 3*, very disappointed. Thanks for advice.

sorry to hear about your results.
it is all luck after all.

your best bet is to use gems for events that has many heros you don’t own (like atlantis, valhalla or costume chamber) to increase the chances of getting something new.

like the costume event coming this month will be having all the remaining heros.


There are no tips to improve rng. There are some voodoo magic ‘tricks’ but all they do is just trying to find patterns where there aren’t any. You may find posts like “oh I used this method and got legendary hero in my ten pull”; they forget the fact they got 30 other legendary heroes using 10 pulls in the past when they did not use the same method.

Only thing you can do is hoard your tokens and gems to spend them on the events with the best heroes and avoid spending these resources on summons which do not bring you the best heroes. Meaning that IF you are lucky, you get the best in the club.

Want a lot of 5 stars? Prepare a lot of money. No way around it. You can’t expect to be lucky all the time when odds for legendary heroes are like 1 legendary per 50 pulls on average . Note that on average means someone will get theirs in 3 summons and someone else will get theirs in 300 summons, and there’s no way to guess up front which guy of these two you will end up being.

I was hunting for Mother North on Christmas event two years ago and a year ago. Was good 150 summons to try and get her in total, no luck. This year she appeared with a single free token I used.

I did not pray to any god nor spent my time fishing with the silver tokens.


Here’s some voodoo tricks :wink:


Same thing, do 10 eht and pull 2600 gems two time and only snow :snowflake:, that is unlucky summon, I spend lot money but no results, so from no I will use free to play.

there are 2 type of summon advice:

A. If money is not the issue here, then just do it again. Statistic shows that after x-pulls, you will get the hero you looking for with more than 99.9% probability. The x could be 100, 1000, or 1.000.000 depend on the hero’s rarity.

B. For ordinary people with limited budget: Just expect Dawa all the time. Your summon will always meet your expectation or exceed it.


Exactly, use both methods

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I find the tea leaf method is the best.

The pattern of the leaves in the cup always look like Renfeld and he always appears.


Surefire method to get every hero you want in this game:

  • Step One: Get your hands on a no-limit credit card
  • Step Two: Buy 100,000+ gems
  • Step Three: Start summoning repeatedly

If you run out of gems before getting the heroes you want, repeat steps 2 and 3.


You forgot the Step Four which is to flee the country (even the continent, if possible) before the bank starts calling.


There are ways around that. I didn’t say the card had to be in your name, you just have to convince the payment processor that you are authorized to use it.

You can also declare bankruptcy. And contrary to popular opinion, declaring bankruptcy will not ruin you for life. Apparently you can file for bankruptcy multiple times and still be a billionaire (not sure how that works, but it does).


Stop giving away all my darn secrets @TGW !

Seriously, though, it’s about money. Those that summon alot get the heroes.
I summon more than the average bear and I get 5s they’re rarely the “primo” ones (Finley, Jabber, etc.) BUT I do get lucky on average like OCT and NOV I walked with Francine and G. Panther.
I spend, though, even when I shouldn’t.

Theres also the mythical Censure’s Method which I decline to endorse or decry. I wont elaborate but that’s the “name” of the method if you’re curious.

Either way, lower your expectations. Seriously.
Or stop spending.
Or it WILL end up in frustration.


I spent some small amounts in the beginning, foolishly thinking that $10 or $20 here and there was supposed to give me some good heroes. :rofl:

Hah! Hah hah… hah… :laughing: :sob:


You can enter the carnival for free and ride the teacups all day until you’re dizzy. But if you want to ride the big boy rides, be prepared to pay. A lot.


No free lunch at SGs cafeteria.


SG cafeteria is basically $100 for a steak.

Anything less than $100, you get a garden salad and stale breadsticks.

Or you can play for free and go dumpster diving, ever now and then you find a half eaten steak that is still warm!


Ahh the Censure method.

Guaranteed to work. But sometimes it doesn’t.

Just like it’s random or something…


Yeah, never bought into that one personally.

Some people swear it works!

But also some people swear that wearing copper bracelets make them score a hole in one every time they go golfing, that drawing a vision board of what you want will make them all magically appear in your life, that drinking 36 ounces of juiced vegetables a day will make you live forever, etc.


In relation to the last one it just turned Clint Eastward bright orange :joy:

Nothing but Carrot juice will do that apparently


I have heard that to be true.

Carrot juice is not bad, but I don’t think I’d want to consume vast quantities of it. I think one 8 ounce glass a day would more than fulfill your daily recommended allowance of carrots.


Many years back, I went on sort of a “health kick”. Bought myself a Jack LaLanne juicer, started eating “all natural” foods that I cooked fresh at home, going to the gym 4-5 days a week, etc. Call it an early mid-life crisis. I thought “man, I’m going to look better, feel better, live longer” blah blah blah. Bought into all the hype.

Then Jack LaLanne died and Bob Harper had a heart attack. And my gym’s nutritionist told me that I was probably eating too many vegetable proteins, and that I should be consuming more fatty red meats.

LOL wut…?



So very true

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