Summon madness

Seeing all the rage threads on pull rates and why didn’t I get hero X makes me wonder do these folk even enjoy the game now? Or has it been overtaken by getting all the latest stuff and then complaining later about not being able to ascend them, instead of playing the 3 and 4 star game and actually having fun?
I’ve beat up many a stacked 4 and partially ascended 5 star teams with maxed 3s and 3.60 4s, and that is really fun.
I did a 10 pull this Atlantis and honestly all I wanted, and still all I would like right now I’d Wu Kong. I set my expectations low, still didn’t get Wu but I did get sartana and Evelyn. I am delighted with that, and look forward to slowly levelling them.
I hope people appreciate this is a game, it’s certainly not a race as we all know. This game is kinda like the old song by Cosby stills and Nash “if you can’t be with the one you want honey love the one you’re with”
Enjoy the game for what it is, not what you think it should be, or what you think you’re entitled to because you paid some money.
Food for thought from an old man, take it for what it’s worth. :+1:


Your first and third are telling ppl it’s just a game, dont take it too serious. Then you went ahead and show off in ur second paragraph. I mean sure, you will be delighted right since you got two 5*s in a 10x. Arent you trying to anger the people who got nothing more and adding salt to their wounds? Not sure what’s the point of ur second paragraph if you are telling ppl not to take the game too serious.


Exactly Turtle :slight_smile: All this humble bragging he is doing for nothing. Good for you on your raiding and your 2 x 5*'s pulls. At the end of the day its nothing amazing in it self.

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OP is the biggest hypocrite

Got lucky and is now telling people who spent hundreds to get some sort of hero that “it’s just a game” and not to be mad



I’m demonstrating perspective, not showing off at all. I went in with low expectations, and wasn’t expecting anything other than luck and RNG. I’m sorry you have interpreted it otherwise.


And here comes the bandwagon…


somex really is luck. i tried to pull mother north like 8 x & still dun even have her but got 4 evelyn, i was like w t f.

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But you got 4 Evelyn? Lol

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it looks good but it’s a pain to level all 4. i have 2 gregorian but only max out 1, e other is just sitting there like a tree

Prediction: you will never max more than 2 Evelyn’s.


evelyn makes a fine meal

“if you can’t be with the one you want honey love the one you’re with”

Love this !!!


Hi Guys, merry Christmas. Just asking about the seasonal summons as I’m just getting grips with the game. I was lucky to get Mrs North! Do I get to keep her after the event? Just wondering as I’m thinking of leveling her up. Cheers

Yes you do get to keep her grats on the pull! . However you might be best to focus on a rainbow 3 star team first , maybe 4s and gradually build your ascension mats for mother North.
Plenty of longer playing brains trust folks on here that will help, just read and read and read these forums.

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Nash was a poor doomed man.
The correct life means says" if you can not to be with the one you love, thank your lord, and don’t look for some one else, be a good person and stay alone"


Lol for 20 character

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He means So That For U … nothing bad guys.

We both know that is garbage Jedon. If he wants to project a year of no new heroes onto me so he feels better about himself let him, doesn’t bother me in the slightest . His predicament sucks, but Like he said. It’s just a game.

Elpis one of the players who have great rosters … he is a spender as you may know … and he wasn’t talking about his self I guess he was giving an example.

All I could think of after seeing the thread title:



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