Summon II at path of valor iş stuck [Solved: Post 8 - Summons & Trained Heroes are different]

İ am recruiting heroes and troops but summon II iş stuck at zero and does not proceed

Same problem for me.

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account please someone correct this as soon as possible, i made a purchase for this

Don’t write publicly your account id on forums.

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Do you have a screenshot? (What have you recruited thus far, without success?)

Here is a quick link to contact SG if the problem persists:

Many heros from TC s and daily pulls as well it only worked for one epic hero pull, but it wasnt like that in summon I

Ok it was my first entry rookie mistake…

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Heroes from TCs do not count as summons. Only the ones from the portal

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^ This is the answer (based on what I am assuming the bug/question is by original poster).

Training camps “train” heroes which you can collect once their gestation period has elapsed.

Summoning is a reference to any of the portals in effect whether they are daily free summon, silver hero token, epic troop token, epic hero token, challenge coin summon, atlantis coin summon or gem summon.

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To illustrate:

Training camps “train”.
Summon Gate “summons”.

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It is almost impossible to complete the path of valor for 50 days unless you spend money for extra summons.

Has anyone tried to calculate what it takes to complete all stages of the path of valor?

Actually, after collecting all available information online for all possible daily and valor challenges I still can not make it to the required valor points to get to the last level of the path of valor.

To complete all path of valor reward level you need 46750 points.

Can anyone show me how can this be done for 50 days?

6 x Valor Challenges each worth a total of 5000 points for completing all stages = 30000 points

3 x Daily Challenges each worth 125 points = 375 points daily x 50 days = 18750 points

Total 48750 points available. 2000 points to spare.

Will everyone be able to complete it? No. Lower level players, players in smaller alliances hitting lower level titans, and players who don’t participate in wars will not have enough available points to finish. That’s okay. This is designed to incentivize daily play, alliance play, and getting stronger.

I will monitor but I thought my summons was stuck at 36/40

Ok confirmed that my Valor quest is working

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