Summon heros is not fair

I know how the raids function thank you very much. I’m not an amateur to this game. I respect that you obviously like Elena but as far as I’m concerned there are much better 4 star hero’s than she is and she’s a 5 star

I totally agree with you on this. I have spent real money to but never again because the odds are rubbish on pulling anything decent. When people spend money on the game then the chances should improve as well. That way people will be more inclined to spend more money again to get more hero’s.


I have spent, and not spent. Do what seems right for you! :slight_smile:

I would spend more if the chances were slightly better. That’s all I was saying and I would have thought that you would want people to spend more money on the game or do you not actually receive any money from gems purchase. If not then I can see why the chance stays the same. I’m very unlucky when it comes to elemental summons or epic summons. I only seem to pull 3 star hero’s.


It’s an interesting behavioral economics problem, setting the odds of getting top-grade stuff from draws to maximize revenue. Set the odds too low and people won’t buy gems because they don’t add much value. Set the odds too high and people will only buy a few and achieve their goals quickly. SG has (mostly) balanced this by allowing all the standard heroes to come from training camps, with patience, and all ascension materials from loot, visions, and rare quests. You only need to spend if you really want event heroes, heroes of the month, great troops, or to spend less time getting a solid squad.

(I added troops there, because the drop rate of epic troops tokens is low, the odds of drawing a 4* troop low, and the feeders needed to level 4* up high.)


I was speaking as a player. (I volunteer my time as a Moderator, but I’m a Player first, and that’s how I view money spent on a game: spend if you want to.)



I only say, in my personal advice, that to maximize purchases you have to attract users to spend as they do other games. also occasionally satisfy players with challenges, rewards and objectives. This game is very nice but after months it becomes static. maybe too much

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I have done 70 high-level extractions. I found 11 characters from 4 * the rest from 3 *. no 5 stars. I spent several euros to upgrade my characters. so the statistics you say are not shown. I’m sorry.

We now have a sample of 951 L20 trainings, currently showing a drop rate of 6% for 5* heroes. Here’s the thread (again) for you to review the data and contribute your own, if you wish.

I haven’t calculated a confidence interval, but I’d guess that a 99% CI for the 5* drop rate would now be something like 3-9%. Shall we stick with 5% for our conversation? Let’s do that.

You say you have completed 70 ‘high-level extractions’. This is pretty vague: I don’t know if you mean elemental summons, epic summons, L13 trainings or L20 trainings. For the sake of providing you with some useful context, I’ll assume you have completed 70 L20 summons. If the true 5* drop rate is 5%, then the chance of pulling zero 5* heroes from 70 training attempts is about 3%.

So assuming your ‘high-level extractions’ were all L20 trainings, then your results would be consistent with a true 5* drop rate of 5%, though we would definitely call you unlucky. If your ‘high-level extractions’ involved summoning heroes or training at L13, then the chances of pulling zero 5* heroes would increase, and we would say you were less unlucky.

Did you think that your experience indicated something else? Why?

I spoke mainly of elemental invitations, epic invitations. L20 workouts just started. L13 workout yield of 4 * good. My reasoning is: what is the sense of buying gems to make epic calls if I’m more likely with training L 20 where I do not spend?

There is no sense whatsoever in spending gems on epic or elemental summons (unless you especially want to get a Hero of the Month, which you can’t train). You’d be wiser to spend elsewhere.

Pleased to hear you’re not so unlucky as to be in the third percentile.

Training camp 20 has a higher 5* drop rate than any summon confirmed by devs

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I’m tired of spending money and getting double back to back if same 3* heroes even at special events. I’m getting my butt whooped on quests with people with awsome characters always having the newest ones coming out. I noticed the Europe people have the best chances. Well I don’t live overseas anymore, God Bless America give us better chances or u will lose our monetary support on this game.


You’ve ‘noticed’ this? That ‘the Europe people’ have better chances, do they? As opposed to what? ‘The Asia people’? 'The ‘Merica people’?

Fascinating: I’d just love to hear more about your insights.

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So the Europe people with better odds is an interesting thing. Our alliance seems to favor the Europeans for luck on Titan loot…unsure on the summoning. They frequently report getting unfarmable 3* loot at B/C ratings usually (yes, I know there’s more of them so there’s a better chance) but I’m talking at least 1, sometimes 3 per WEEK.

I can’t really imagine a bias though intentionally put into the game for Europeans, lol.

I researched an

Aphrodite Lambrou

Small Giant games are based out of Helsinki - hence Europe do your research like I did through articles about developers and what they think of games and what it grossed since it has come out $$$ is very high :wink:

Aphrodite Lambrou

No spit, Sherlock. Your point?

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For clarification, we do not discriminate players based on their region - all players have equal chances.


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