Summon heros is not fair

My first time I ever did a summon with 300 gems I got a 5* leonidas. I was very pleased. Its all just very random.

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… and hopefully you get the coin sooner than another 8 months! :wink:


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All 4* heros are completely updated and for one i miss ascending materials. Training camp level 17. But if a rare hero takes days to get trained how long will an epic hero take once u reached level 20?? A week? A month?? And for sure i an only using my tokens for elemental summon. But with poor results…

The final level of training only takes 2 days to complete with a chance of a 5*, just like TC13 for 4* heroes. It’s getting to that point which is more time consuming, with another week of research after the camp is finally upgraded to the final level.

Very informative once everyone starts tracking how many 5* they get. They start dejected, and then realize TC20’s are actually producing:

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The drop rate for a 5* in TC 20 is about 5%.

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I wish the drop rate was 5%. 9 months, 110 epic draws including 70 elemental holy since I have the items for that. ZERO regular 5*s, with 2 bonus, one of which ,Thoth, is worthless

The drop rate for 5* heroes from TC20 seems to be somewhere around 5% (maybe even as high as 6% or 7%). The drop rate for 5* heroes from elemental summoning seems to be lower than that (maybe around 2 or 3%?) and from epic summoning seems to be even lower than that again.

We don’t know true drop rates, but players have tried to estimate all of the rates mentioned above - have a look through the forum if you’re interested. The most well documented data collection so far is definitely for TC20 training.

If the true drop rate from a mix of elemental and epic summonses is 2% (that’s a pretty arbitrary ballpark guess), then the chance of pulling zero 5* heroes from 110 attempts is about 11%, so you’ve definitely been quite unlucky, though not insanely so.

(HOTMs tend to be better than regular 5* heroes, btw, so to have pulled 2 of them is a good thing and not to be sniffed at. HOTM probabilities are excluded from the estimates I mentioned and I don’t know what their pull rates might be.)


FYI, the drop rate for 5* from training camp level 20 is higher than epic/elemental/event pulling.


I’ve had 1 lvl20 training camp for 4 months and a 2nd for 2 months. 2 5*s in that time only one of which I could get ascended

Six total months of L20 training is about 90 pulls, assuming you’ve kept your camps running constantly. Assuming a true drop rate of 5%, the chance of getting 2 or fewer 5* heroes from 90 pulls is about 17%. So if all those numbers are strictly accurate, then we’d definitely say that you have been a bit unlucky.

If you’re exaggerating just a little, or haven’t had your camps running all the time, so that you’ve only trained 70 heroes, then the chance of pulling 2 or fewer 5* heroes would be about 31%. In that case we’d say you had been a little unlucky, but not notably so.

Have you logged your actual results? Could be helpful to know them.

(Not having suitable ascension materials isn’t really relevant to any of this, though you have my sympathy.)

Not exaggerating in the least. I’m a grinding fool, level 47. I love this game even though it hates me. Brought up my drop rates to the devs last month. Their response “wow, you are unlucky, better luck in the future “. My level 20 camps go nonstop with 9 in line in each.

Quindi ogni 100 chiamate 5 sono 5* nel ragionamento. Ma non è così. Altrimenti ogni 20 chiamate esce un 5*. Io ne ho fatte più di 50 ma di 5* neanche l’ombra e ho speso anche diversi euro. Io suggerisco che per chi spende aumentino le probabilità altrimenti un giocatore non è incentivato a spendere. In altri giochi più acquisti e più hai promozioni e omaggi.

So every 100 calls 5 are 5* in the reasoning. But is not so. Otherwise every 20 calls a 5* comes out. I have made more than 50 but 5* not even the shadow and I also spent several euros. I suggest that for those who spend they increase the odds otherwise a player is not incentivized to spend. In other games, the more you buy, the more you have promotions and gifts.


Please forgive me if I have misunderstand you: the translation may be dodgy.

If you are suggesting that a 5% drop rate means that you should receive five 5* heroes every 100 pulls, or one every 20 pulls, then you’re wrong. On average we would expect to receive five 5* heroes every 100 pulls, but in reality our experience will vary dramatically. With a 5% drop rate we would expect only 18% of players to receive exactly five 5* heroes from their first 100 pulls. We would expect that 44% of players would receive fewer than this, and 38% of players would receive more.

If the true drop rate is 5% then the chance of receiving no 5* heroes from 50 pulls is 8%, so you have been unlucky.


You have my sympathy. I’m the other side of the same coin - a grinding fool who has been very lucky with L20 camps.

I have completed 86 L20 trainings, producing 58 three star heroes, 19 four star heroes, and 9 five star heroes.


I know how the raids function thank you very much. I’m not an amateur to this game. I respect that you obviously like Elena but as far as I’m concerned there are much better 4 star hero’s than she is and she’s a 5 star

I totally agree with you on this. I have spent real money to but never again because the odds are rubbish on pulling anything decent. When people spend money on the game then the chances should improve as well. That way people will be more inclined to spend more money again to get more hero’s.


I have spent, and not spent. Do what seems right for you! :slight_smile:

I would spend more if the chances were slightly better. That’s all I was saying and I would have thought that you would want people to spend more money on the game or do you not actually receive any money from gems purchase. If not then I can see why the chance stays the same. I’m very unlucky when it comes to elemental summons or epic summons. I only seem to pull 3 star hero’s.


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