Summon heros is not fair


Hope this topic will be read by the developer.
To be honest. I am a leader of an alliance and play the game for about a year. Now some of my alliance members getting stronger than me but they just started a few month ago. They just had luck and got several 5* heroes. I just got one with slow mana and no chance to ascent this hero. Also i completed season 1 and cannot get any further to get stronger. I AM STUCK. And thats not fair at all. If i am unlucky getting stronger heroes i want to have the chance to get more in season 2. But this is missing! I am bored and disappointed . Hope Small Giant finds a solution or i have to quit :frowning:


If you have only one 5* hero, then you are not stuck: you have at least 4 more (at least 9 more, really) to collect. Not to mention that you haven’t ascended your sole 5*. Get to work!


There are several ways to get heroes:

  1. 300 gems per hero

  2. free hero via hero token

  3. free heros via Training Camps (TC12, TC13, TC20)

Those who have bad luck with the first two ways are finding slow but better success the final way. TC20 is the level that grants the possibility of 5* over time.

Best of luck to you!


You know that you can replay levels to upgrade your hero’s but I understand exactly what you mean. I also run my own alliance and I’ve spent real money on the game to try and get better hero’s and all I got was the same hero’s over again. From 10 pulls I got Baltazar 3 times Tyrum twice and then I moved to all colour hero’s where I did get Elena 5 star hero but she isn’t very good and mana is slow. I have the same bad luck with troops as well. Lower players have 4 star troops yet I’ve only got 3 star troops. 3 star hero’s shouldn’t be included in the epic summons and that should solve the problem I think. 3 star hero’s should be added to the daily summon instead.


Daily Summon is heroes or troops between 1 and 3*. I have received a few 3* over the months, but it’s usually 1-2*.


The last two days in a row I got 3 star heroes from the daily summon. I suspect something is wrong with the RNG. :wink:


The percentage of 5* is 5% or less, meaning you should get something other than 5* 95% of the time. :wink:


If I got a 5* out of the free daily summon I’d know there was something worse wrong than the oft complained about RNG. Getting 3* heroes that way is rare enough to make two in a row unusual.


I got my only 5* (in 8 months) from a random epic summon coin. Now if only I could duplicate that, next coin I get! :wink:


Or in my case, 300% of the time. :smirk:


I don’t think Elena is bad, certainly not for raid defense (which may be prioritized in the alliance wars). Her stats are great, and not many fives at all have debuffers, so her riposte can really eat folks’ lunch.

I’d hold off on ascending her until you have all the items you need (6 magical rings and 8 hidden blades), since by the time you get them all you might have another fire 5-star that you’d prefer investing in, and you’ll also likely have a better idea of how the alliance wars will actually function (maybe they’ll prioritize titans over raids, but I doubt it). In any case, I like Elena. She ain’t bad.


Using gems, you should ALWAYS use elemental summons, not general epic summons, The odds of getting a 4* or 5* hero are better, and you can tailor your pulls to your needs. You have to wait a few days for the right color to roll around, but a few days is short in this game’s time scale.


There is plenty of ways to get stronger. Farm on levels, train heroes, level all your heroes up, and fight titans. Have fun while your at it too. Lol


Elena kicks my butt all the time. I have got several 3* from daily summons as well. Just keep doing 10× summons and hope for the extra draw for the hero of the month.


My first time I ever did a summon with 300 gems I got a 5* leonidas. I was very pleased. Its all just very random.


… and hopefully you get the coin sooner than another 8 months! :wink:


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All 4* heros are completely updated and for one i miss ascending materials. Training camp level 17. But if a rare hero takes days to get trained how long will an epic hero take once u reached level 20?? A week? A month?? And for sure i an only using my tokens for elemental summon. But with poor results…


The final level of training only takes 2 days to complete with a chance of a 5*, just like TC13 for 4* heroes. It’s getting to that point which is more time consuming, with another week of research after the camp is finally upgraded to the final level.


Very informative once everyone starts tracking how many 5* they get. They start dejected, and then realize TC20’s are actually producing: