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Hi guys,

I m playing this game more 8 months, recently I spend more money to buy the gems, however the more I bought gems for summon, the more disappointed I have, I used more than 7000 gems to summon, from seasonal to Atlantis summon, none of 5* hero I got. All the time only hero 3* and few hero 4*. I really felt no meaning to spend more money to have uncertain summon hero.

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Welcome to the team. :smiley: It is a normal reaction if you spent before reading the forum.

This is strongly recommended for reading:


Also be aware of the odds, which are posted under the little “I” icon on each page. For example, here are the odds in the current Atlantis portal:


My tip: stop spending and invest in training center that will deliver 5* heroes.

I have have got 20 5* since mid July from my now four training centers running full time. Although only one I would max, but that’s another story.


Although its a valid advice, we need to admit that amount and quality of 5* heroes that we can get from a TC20 is not the best. In the past couple of months there were introduced great many of new heroes that look much more attractive and powerful than regular ones from TC20.


Hence I said there is just one I would max, that being Sartana :p.

I wouldn’t mind maxing Lianna, Joon, Magni and Marjana. Unfortunately I have got none of them

If the summon rate was better or they allow trading with yourself, I will try again.

My feature request:

I’ve had pretty decent luck on pulls, I guess. I’ve had stretches where I’ve gotten all 3* and/or heroes I already own, but I also have a few 5’s, and most to recently completed a rainbow team of 4’s. Among the 4* and 5* pulls, I’d say it’s been about 25% abilities that I really wanted or needed or just fit well with the rest of the team I was rounding out. I just now bought my third month of premium, and I usually grab the $1.99 gem deals, so while I’m definitely not a whale, I’ve had a few more pulls than a total F2P player. I already have a fully leveled 3* team, now working on a 4* team, and quite a few more idle 3’s, 4’s and 5’s on the shelf waiting for the others to either max or hit the inevitable ascension wall.

That being said, they should still tweak the odds a bit for paying players, otherwise what’s the incentive for people like the OP to keep paying. I actually thought they maybe had already done this, looking at the bench I’ve accumulated, but I guess that’s not the case. I know they need to keep it balanced, but the matchmaking algorithms already seem to take care of that fairly well.

Again, I’m not complaining, just offering up a suggestion. There’s another game I play that’s gone so far into P2W that it’s patently absurd for all but about the top 5% of the deepest-pocketed players – I’d hate to see something like that happen to E&P; but by the same token, there are ways to reasonably reward paying players that won’t totally destroy the game.

Perfect example of why the game is pay to win

Thank you

Taking in account the starting post, not really. :wink:

Please tell me you’re joking

I have 6 teams. 1 5* hero, 2 full teams of 4s minus the 1 slot of my 5, 2 half amd half teams of 4s and 3s and 2 teams of 3*s. I have only bought a couple of $1.99 packs and the monthly 4.99 pack. I habe been playing for 80 days. It is all what you make of your time invested in the game and maximizing your time and effort.