Summon Gate Question

First, im not sure this is the right place to post or ask this, so please forgive if it’s not.

I’ve been playing only since November 2018. Of course I’ve seen 2 Atlantis gates, 1 Pirate, and the Christmas for summoning.

My question is this, will there be summon gates for all events? Like for the upcoming new Wonderland? I’m pretty sure the seasonals will be, but I’m not 100%

There will indeed! Each Challenge Event and Seasonal Event has an associated Summons.

One thing of note: Seasonal Summons allow using Tokens for pulls; Challenge Event Summons and Atlantis do not.



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To make even more money they could give another portal from time to time with every hero in it at 1% 5* for 400 gems per pull and a 100 consecutive option for 33333 gems :wink:

Throw in the troops 1* to 4* and each summon costs 666 gems.

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