Summon Gate, legends Summon

Open The Summon Gate. Tap on the Legends Summon. I view the Featured Heros startin at the top left with: Hel, move down to Bottom left to Ravnir, then view top right Neith then bottom Right, Kingston. Next you will see the pictures of the possible heros become solid black like a shadow.

Screenshot_20201119-234425_Empires Screenshot_20201119-234323_Empires

@Nitemist Welcome back !!

This visual bug has been on and off since I started playing in the 2nd quarter of 2018, sometimes like the current dark silhouette and sometimes akin to a collage silhouette. It just goes off either by exiting from the summoning portal, or by exiting the game, or by restarting the phone. It’s not really a big cause of concern though as one can determine which hero it is because of the name of such hero prompting in front of you.

Its not an inconvenience glitch just a cosmetic.Bug. Because it fixes itselfvits not worth the time and energy the programmers would take to fix it considering this event is less than 3 days long.

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