Summon Gate Daily Summon & VIP countdown timers out of sync

I collected my VIP about 1700 EST today.
No bonus draw, and the time stamp is way off. See screen shots.

No big deal, but curious.

Mine aren’t the same countdown either. I think they just aren’t related for timing.

My guess is the Daily Summons is based on when you started playing, and the VIP drop is based on when you subscribed to VIP.

Thanks, but what about the missing bonus draw?

You mean the extra Daily Summons? They come at the same time as the regular ones, you just get two at the same time, like this:

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There are several intervals in Empires VIP PASS is based on 24 hours while Daily Summons is based on 23 hours.


New Daily Summons
23 hours

New Mystic Vision
16 hours edit ( now 8 hours )

New Titan
22 hours to hit
23 hours between spawns

VIP Pass
24 ( spawn)- 48 hours ( uncollected despawn )


Yes! Exactly!
Today is the first time l did not get the double.

Hmm, that’s odd. Trying to think what might have caused that’s.

The first two things that cross my mind as possibilities:

  • Did you by chance just renew VIP? (guessing not)

  • Is it possible you maybe had a summon token that you used when you got the single draw? This seems more possible since I see the “free” indicator on your original screenshot that usually shows when you have tokens in inventory.

I normally have between 30 & 70 summons tokens in stock. I save them for the possibility of getting 3* food for the last leveling of my current 5* project.
You are correct, l did not just renew my VIP.
It is not a big deal, just odd.

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It’s good you’re not too bothered by it, but if it happens again, I think you should contact support.

It seems like it would be more likely to be something malfunctioning with your account than a systemic issue, since there haven’t been a lot of similar posts (at least yet).

Did you just get another Daily Summons in the last little bit? It looked like you’d be due around now based on your screenshot.

In case you end up contacting support, here are the instructions if you need them:

Either way, can you update here with what happens with your next Daily Summons or two? And if you contact support, what the issue is?

That’d be really helpful in case someone else runs into this.

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Thank you @zephyr1 for your thoughtful reply. I will keep you posted.

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