Summon chance of epic hero tokens vs summon with gems

I have a hunch that chances to pull a 5* hero are better if the summon is done with an epic hero token as compared to paying for the summon with gems. I and others were luckier with tokens than with direct gem summons (tiny sample size of course). It would make sense too, as F2P players would stay more competitive that way. I guess it’s hard to confirm or disprove, what’s your experience?

If it’s true, it might make sense to pay for packs including epic hero tokens, rather than summoning with gems directly (even though the packs result in fewer summons per gems).

I’ve experienced the same thing but again small sample size

Anyone willing to track it?

Pretty certain a roll is a roll is a roll.

I’ve never gotten a 5* from a hero token but small sample sizes as some have mentioned; I probably get more hero tokens than many in game too.

I did a single token pull and got Bane and then a bonus roll and hit Thoth.

But the last 10 pull I did, I didn’t get any 5 stars, just boldtusk and dupes.

The luck does even out.

I would like to inform you of my dissatisfaction with the summons we make with the 300 gems. I made ten summons and came two four-star heroes and eight three-star heroes. I’m spending money buying gems and I can not get a five-star hero. it’s an absurd!!!

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No formula or percentages for Summon rolls has ever been published. To my knowledge, what you get is based on RNG, with a very rare chance to get 5*, a better chance to get 4*, and the rest 3*.

You can compare that with the Training Camp 20, Which is the best non-summons way to get a 5*. A number of players tracked the rates over 1000 pulls and the results were roughly:

5* = 5%
4* = 20%
3* = 75%

What you rolled was 80% 3* and 20% 4*, more or less in line with the TC20 results (which some say are better than the summons).

Please also keep in mind that a fully leveled 4* can be better than an inleveled 5*, and it takes far more rare materials to level the 5 than the 4. Don’t be so quick to discard those 4*!

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