Wow, have been waiting for the Atlantis summon event and waiting to spend my Atlantis tokens and the gems I’ve been saving (and purchasing when a good deal comes up).

Blew it all on 9 summons and decided to get the not so great deal of 400 gems for $4.99 to be able to summon 1 more and get the “BONUS ASCENSION ITEM CHEST”. I have two 4 stars I need to ascend and am missing compasses and cloaks. Hoping to get something useful at least.

Got the chest and received… 2 x hardwood lumber and 1x poison darts…that’s it.

Why not just say “bonus ascension ITEM”. Making it a “CHEST” made me think I would get several ascension items worthy of being contained in a chest.

Developing a strong Love/Hate relationship with this game.


I can understand your confusion and disappointment. Just for future reference, pretty much anything related to Summons and purchases has a tooltip that explains in more detail if you tap on it.

I think the pop up tooltip is a bit clearer that by “item chest” they really do mean “an item”:


You are absolutely right! I should have looked for that as I’ve learned to check those little info boxes as I’ve progress through the game.

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Hopefully it’ll save some disappointment from something in the future. :slight_smile:

I will say, the labels and explanations on things in the game are not always very clear. I’ve seen plenty of examples where reasonable people could disagree on the interpretation of the text.

It doesn’t help that SG is managing translations for a lot of languages. There’s a lot of room for misinterpretation, even with good effort on their part.

It’s not ideal, but in addition to the tool tips I always suggest checking on the forum if you’re wondering how something works. There’s a lot of info on here, plus people can answer questions to confirm or correct if something works the way you think.

It would be nice, though, of course, if the explanations in the game were consistently clearer…but in the meantime, we’ve got each other as fellow players to serve as guides.


i would bever be disappointed with darts but i sympathize with you. Best of luck with your next AM.
Just a friendly advice: in this game the itens we need the most seen to take the longest to get, so keep on leveling other heroes and you will get them eventually
hopefully sooner than later


I’m sure I’ll be very happy when I need them. Just too eager to do the final level ascension on my Triton and Li Xui atm.

OMG you got darts and are disappointed!? Shut the front door! :open_mouth:


I would think myself lucky to pull some darts from the chest. Guess people still don’t understand the gatcha :man_shrugging:

Don’t need this to see what direction my ‘luck’ is heading…

RNG or luck is the driver. And, it can change.

I’ve spent rhe last two months chasing the yellow 5* healers and Guin. No Delilah or Viv after this Atlantis 30x, but dang…Onatel and Kage with three more 5s plus the chests were a d blade, tonic and trap tools.

I got way lucky without getting what I fhought I wanted. Hope your luck follows mine.

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Ridiculously disappointing! I’ve been really excited about the Atlantis event. As soon as I got off work and home I purchased the $49.99 gem deal so I can summon 10 for the chest. Every summon was a 3 star, some were multiples, and 1 I already had. This is the second time I’ve purchased gems to help me out and got crapped on. Fell in love with the game when I first started and recommended it to friends, but after $100.00+ spent with a horrible outcome I’m about to give it up.

i also disappointed my last 10 summon today,how much money i spent to get your bonus draw

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