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One day left, still two 4* ascension materials we did not see as offers. They will be combined or one material we will not able to buy?

Please think about it because people were planning things. At least I was planning. Will be sad if 1 out 14 un-farmable ascension materials will not be available.

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maybe it’ll be free…:slight_smile:


Which world do you live in?


Hehe good joke. I am really old, but this one is best of :slight_smile:


just being optimistic, more sarcastic really…

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And then people will be mad because they bought one for cash the other day. :crazy_face:


It will be different…But one can hope, haha

These are the main offers I buy except this time and the $30 ones. My budget is small.

I do not ask any 4* AM for free. What I ask is to include all 14 AM materials into Summer Offers. So far we saw just 12. They could combine and offer both 4* AM into one offer for bit higher price. Somehow my guess is that one of 4* AM will not be available and that is not ok. 13 out of 14? In such situation I can say that it is bad planning and very bad ending to summer event. I talk for myself, could be some other people feel the same.

Especially that in Summer event you could get 2 orbs, 2 darts, 3 warm capes etc.

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I don’t ask for free either. I was being sarcastic.

Just to have the option to buy them is nice. Especially if you are missing the one item.

When the dart came up I almost did a flip. Joon has been waiting for months. The one from the event and the one from the offer gave me my 6!


I’d love a 4* AM for free. And I’d certainly not complain about it. But some will inevitably complain should they hand out a free 4* AM, or I will lose my faith in the sanity of humanity. :wink:

I understand your concern. However, from the business side of view it’s not entirely unwise to artificially make a resource rarer by not including it in an offer. It increases it’s value, and at a later point you can ask more for it. It happens all the time. It’s a strong mechanism.

No, it’s not always very nice towards your customers - even though they always have the prerogative not to accept the offer. And there’s something to be said for being nice to one’s customers as well. So here’s to hoping the summer offers will indeed include all 14 AM’s. I’m all for it.


Yeah I did not think from all angles, business tricks etc. Still hope they will think how to offer all 14 AM.

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Well, so far there has not been any calendar where all the AM were present. No reason to assume otherwise this time.

Welcome at the forum. So old and no time to join yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This game made 34 million dollars of revenue in less than a year. They’re not just using tricks, they’ve actually got a strategy.

Interestingly their strategy includes just tossing offers out there and seeing how they land. And sizing up offers for different customer brackets. That’s how you get some of the offers that look preposterous to some, but for someone else it’s just what the doctor ordered. And it’s how they get me to grab a 2,29 euro offer here and there. If I can fancy a 4 euro lunch at work every day I might as well splurge on that.

Funny thing is, I’ve never spent less on digital games ever since I started playing mobile F2P games. But this game is one hell of a seductive one. They’re doing a masterful job at getting you to spend money. So, while I’m still spending considerably less on digital gaming than ever before in my life, while spending no less hours and being no less entertained, this is the one game I’ve spent most on. I think it’s a win win.


They will loose 1 very good customer if no rings in Summer offer. My plan was to spend 200 euros in next weeks event but it is not going to happen if I’m not getting rings. Even better for me, E&P is nice game but just a game.

Devs can do what they want, I’m not threatening or something just thinking loud.

What are you talking about

Sadly, I can say that the only one ascension item that they are not proposed yet is royal tabbard… I can’t believe that someone can thrash 55€ for a game in one day…

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What day was Rings offer? It was not. Before event was 100 euro offer with rings inside. Then rare quest with rings but not Summer offer.

I could have sworn I bought all of the 4* mats they had already. I got the rings, darts, tonic, scope and tabbards?

First week - Tuesday Tonic, Thursday Damascus Blade, Saturday Telescope.

This week - Tuesday Darts, Thursday Tome of Tactics.

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