Summer Event Calender Offers Pricing

I have just come across a discrepancy in the pricing on the summer offers.

How can the price differ by £1 for my account and my daughters account . This is just blatant profiteering against lower lvl players

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do you use different phones? This difference is usually the difference between the itunes store and the play store.

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Yeah, I bet the expensive one is Play Store and the other is ITunes Store

This is very important question, developers must give official answer. I understand that different countries have different tax but price difference in same country is totally wrong and not acceptable. Especially that everything is so overpriced here.

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I completely agree with the sentiment about price differences, but good luck explaining that to Google and Apple.


I think it has more to do with them than SG to be honest.

Have to check legislation but I think company can not charge customers differently. I think it is not legal. Yes SG is using two different services but who is setting a price? SG and not apple or google.

I have had a big debate with SG and Apple regarding pricing in different countries and on different phones.

Apple charge differently from android
UK charge £99.99 for 10000 gems
US charge $99.99 for the same
So with the exchange rate UK pay $132 for the same amount of gems. This is due to tax apparently.

Unfortunately it is a case of buy or not there is nothing you can do.


Small Giant can set the price they want to get, but the app stores may be passing on additional fees or taxes or charging overhead for their own profit.

It’s not fair, but not necessarily something SG would have control over either.
If nothing else, they would be fools to deliberately have different charges for different devices simply because it makes them look bad and causes PR issues, like this one right now.


I still think that SG should give official answer. We customers deserve it.

They answered this with the last special event.

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SG is not doing professionally but if you accept it then fine.

They gave an official answer last time. They don’t control the markup differences between Google play and iTunes.


Do I have to put my pitchfork away now …? I’m all riled up and need something to do…

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@Allslost, can you provide screen shots of the gems shop for both.


its the first post here

This is an absolutely common phenomenon in the web not only here in the app. The price of an item differs. Using different system software (apple or Windows) or even if using a computer, tablet or phone. Not fair but as far as I know legal (in Germany). Here as a seller you only make an offer. It is the choice of the buyer if you agree to this offer or not.
Also the time matters. For example the prices are higher, when you look in the evening when everybody is at home. During the day they are cheaper.

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I understand what you all are saying that different platforms can vary in price but this in reality hasn’t happened.
VIP pass £4.99 on both accounts
£99,99 offers same on both accounts ( which I do not get at all)
All the other offers have been exactly the same price as I do not normally purchase them I have only been svcanning them but this one stood out as very odd
Today’s offer £1.99 on both accounts

But you haven’t answered the question, are you both on the same os?
I almost always pay more than my alliance members that are from the Netherlands too, but are on android. I know in other countries android can be more expensive, but here it is apple, every time we compared.

Oh I loathe such systems. Travel bookings are among the worst. You either decide now, or risk returning a day later and paying more just because you visited the site the day before.

But then again, since we’re booking through the internet, we’re also able to find the exact cheapest provider of whatever service we want at any point of the day. It would be weird, if there was no trade off to that.

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