Summer Event & Atlantis Rises in June

It seems like we will have an unsettling overlapping in events this June. Normally I wouldn’t find it problematic but since the launch of Atlantis Rises, as players, we have to prepare for events that demand high usage of World Energy.

Assuming the calendar for Sand Empire and Atlantis follow their current pattern, they will overlap on the last week of the the month. It would be really unfortunate to neglect the Sand Empire missions during the time Atlantis Rises comes up.

My suggestion would be to anticipate Atlantis (06/20-06/23) and let the Summer Event start on June 24 :+1:

Yes I hope also not overlaping Sand Empire and Atlantis Rises. :+1:

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Atlantis Rises should be June 27-30.

Sand Empire should be June 25-July 8.

While they are anticipated to overlap, I’m hard pressed to see how 10-11 days without Atlantis Rises will be insufficient for completing Sand Empire.

It’s around 376 flags for all of Sand Empire. If you don’t do ANY Sand Empire during Atlantis Rises (I sure won’t), you’d need to use around 25% of your flags the rest of the time to finish Sand Empire.

That doesn’t seem very taxing to me. I anticipate being able to do that comfortably without major disruptions to my usual use of WE, especially with stocking up during Atlantis Rises to offset some farming.

For comparison, if they didn’t overlap at all, you’d have to use around 18.7% of your flags for Sand Empire while it was active.

I don’t think this is unfortunate at all — I think it’s good advice.


Now now, don’t be messing with my highly plotted out plan to complete season 2 hard during atlantis rising!

27th of June is perfect time for it to start thank you :wink:

As mentioned above Sands advanced can wait 3.5days


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