Summer Event - A verse on the curse


Folks, finally another verse for your consumption.

The day has come
The time is nigh
The palm trees are a’swaying
The beach balls bounce around the camp
And there’s a new quest that I’m playing!

Ok, again, the plot is thin
But the setting oh so grand
We face the mighty foes of the royalty of sand.
I expect an easy victory
I’m set on nothing less
Than an avatar adorned by the Desert Queen of Chess

As I start my mission
I can tell with just one glance
That the only path for me is
The level of Advanced.

(Just an aside, twixt you and I,
there’s no need to be formal,
regardless of the level played,
I’m anything but Normal)

So out we stride
Upon the dunes
Five heroes at my side
Kiril, Bold Tusk, Hawkmoon, Tuck, and the Deathbound bride

Scarabs we crush under foot
Scouts we all send packing
Despite this there’s a nagging doubt
That there’s some info that I’m lacking…

The vile Vizier hoves into view
His Sand Gale waxes wrath
But I am confident in my team
So we watch and laugh and scoff
I do not feel a shred of fear
From his dry and dusty eddy
My heroes stand, their mana charged
And special powers all ready!

I fire one, I fire two
Three and four and five
Each one heals his comrades four
And keeps each one alive
BUT NO! the health bar will not budge
I beseech each crippled hero
As the increase for each one
Reads a big fat zero!

The moral of my tale, dear friend
Should my honour ye besmirch
Is before you take the field
First do some research!

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I still think you deserve the title “Royal Bard of Corellia”


This is awesome, I love your poetry:grin::grin::grin:

Keep up the good work!:wink:

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:clap::clap::clap: wonderful, as always, Bard of E&P, Royal Bard of Corellia!

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@Azure thanks for all the likes today, it’s nice to know the content is appreciated :blush::blush::blush:

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You are welcome, we’ve needed a bard to go with our historian Xoriana.
I enjoy all of your work but my favorite will always be the next one you write. :wink:


Well, here’s your favourite then! I haven’t linked it to the others. It’s a little more poignant than comical.