Sumle - clarification on secondary skill

Hi guys,

Just need some info on Sumle please …

His second special is “The damage is increased by 70% per each dead enemy”

1 - I wonder if this applies to his fighting session or a session where already enemies are dead before playing, like in a war cleanup.

For example, you play an enemy in a war where already 3 enemies are dead by a team mate (basically doing a cleanup) … does his damage increase since three enemies are already dead OR only enemy deaths that your team has undertaken in a session applies this skill?

2- And, if you are playing a Titan, does that count as four dead enemies? And hence Sumle’ s damage is 235% + (4 x 70%) for any Titan?



And a further question is how this works on a Map/Quest/Event. I presume it’s only dead enemies from the current wave, otherwise he could be ridiculously powerful against some bosses!

Not sure on map stages sorry but i can help with wars & Titan

Wars yes. Dead enemies on the field count to the +70%

Titans no. Because titan is still alive.

Can’t help with the map stuff tho but I suspect it is only that round… So previous jobs in a stage don’t count, just the ones in that specific round of the stage.

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