Sumle Burn not reapplied in War

In the last war, my sumle on attack was on low health and applied burn to the defender. After the War Cleanse Effect the status effect was removed and was not reapplied.

Based on the description of the effect, it should have been reapplied (“as long as low health”).

Just an assumption this happens because the effect is only applied once, when the health treshold has been passed. But based on the special skill, this should be checked every round, even if it is removed.

War equalizer tends to do that, removing all status effects, DoTs, ailments, buffs, etc.


İ am fine that the war effect removes it for a round, doesn’t change the fact that it should reapply.

Hard to say if this intend to work that way or if this has just not been considered during testing.

One the one hand it will surely been cleaned, but on the other hand, as this effect is undispellable, there is no point to reapply on all other aspects of the game as long as the hero is on low health.

Would be interesting what @Petri is thinking about this behavior.

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unfortunately the Realm Effects are single cast effects that occur when the threshold is triggered.

In order for Sumle’s effect to be re-triggered he would have to be healed & then damaged again below the “low health” point again.

Has always been this way, ever since beta:


I’m guessing that everyone and everything is off limits,

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