Sumitomo - useless?

I’ve got two of these guys in the barn but am hesitant to level them as there are so many other fire heroes that could use mats.

Is there a use for this guy? Is he a survivor or if you have him on a blue flank would he power up his mana super quick with that special of his?

He just seems… a bag of mixed ideas.

The concept of the hero is interesting per se.
As other season 2 heroes he was changed from his original form, but in his case it was really an improvement because it used to riposte damage instead of mana, but a ridicoulus low quantity.

Neverless he still isn’t nearly good as other 4* heroes, especially in the red zone where we have some AMAZING heroes.

I do think he really needs a bit more love to get a spot in this game.


I thought was the case so thank you for confirming it. I have a feeling my Ares is going to have a couple of 4* japanese meals on his push to 80 soon.

I confirm, I`ve tried to use him next to Ares together with Marjana and he is really good in surviving, but when it comes to the single hit damage, Kelile is so much better here.

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