Sumitomo revives and keeps boosts

Couldn’t see a post on here so thought would raise. Was playing in tournament against Sumitomo who had just activated. Fired Sonya at Sumitomo who killed but Sumitomo went into revive mode but revived with the boosts still active. Haven’t seen this on any other fighter


Correct, this is intended.

It is due to “order of effects”.

On Sonya’s card it reads:

  1. Deals Damage
  2. Dispels Buffs

So because Sumitomo “died” (or went into fighter revive status) from the direct damage, he became immune to the dispell aspect.

So how it executed:

  1. Sonya Dealt Damage
  2. Sumitomo Died
  3. Proc’d the chance of revive
  4. Revive successful
  5. Sumitomo entered Ghost Mode
  6. Dispell Executed → Ghosts are immune to all effects.

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