Sumitomo is any good?

Guys just had Sumitomo from a 10 summon, don’t know if should be happy or cry, that’s why I’m here, is it worth to level him up or is he as bad as some people say? Thanks in advance for your opinions :+1:

Maybe whimper with a smile.

I had an affinity for him, and he did get a little buff, but I don’t use him much any more. I maxed him, though. He’s useful in the early stages of the game, but there are better reds. His Atlantis Family is kinda meh too.

Really it depends on your roster and where you’re at in the game.


Exactly. He’s fine.

But probably less useful in the long term than any s 1 red 4*.

One hero riposte is generally quite weak, with Obakan being one of the least popular 5*.

So if it was a toss up between Sumitomo or one of Scarlett, Kellie, Gormek, boldtusk, colen, Lancelot, Wilbur or Sumle, he’s back of the queue.

But if you have mats to spare and need a red hitter then he’s absolutely ok.


Short answer: nope.
I have him at 4/70, and never use him. Not good in tournaments, raids, wars, titans, etc. if you are just starting the game and you don’t have many 4* then fine, but otherwise he is a benchwarmer


I maxed as pointed hes ok if you have no other fire hero to level or don’t pull much.
Iv found uses in hero’s that ain’t great but I had better fire to use in the long run.
He does make a appearance In my last war team as its just riposte hero’s :slight_smile:

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I generally agree as stated above, but want to highlight a caveat. You need to remember why you play.

For me personally it is more for fun. I am not trying to be number 1, so I play around with weird stuff all the time to avoid getting bored. In a competitive roster he admittedly has no real place once you’re past the beginning stages. For messing around, he’s fine. You can still win stuff. That’s why I leveled Danzaburo, Ameonna, etc. variety for fun and he fits that just fine.

Good luck out there.



What Muchacho said is EXACTLY why I maxed him. I think he’s cool even if lukewarm as a hero.

Sumitomo was my 2nd ever red 4* hero I got. And to this day, he still remains at 3/60 after more than 1.5 years. It would be much better to level other S1 red 4*'s like BT, Scarlett, and Gormek before Sumitomo.

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You wait for his costume. That would be… er… forever?

I kind of like him but I don’t like that loner special.

Absolutely trash

I regret maxed him.

I had to give mine emblems to make him functional…

He does have a high A value from what I recall. If you don’t have other options he can be tile damage in stacks and on titans. That counts for something.

I assume you emblemed on the attack path @sft1965? If so, how many talents and what is his A value up to?


By the point I’m at, he is really just a raid-tournament only hero for me. In his respective rarity he is fine as he does respectable damage and he works on defenses for what he’s supposed to do.

Outside of those, he gets outshined by the better 5*s you’ll be getting. By this point I only use 4* for tile damage and/or support, unfortunately Sumitomo doesn’t fit either of those roles longterm so not sure I’ll ever ascend mine.

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Here is my Sumi, I prioritized defence and health. I like to be able to take that extra AI hit.

EDIT: now if we had a red dispeller that would be cool.

He is pretty useless…he can do this and that, but will be killed easily… waist of space

The problem with sumitomo is that he has no self recovery. If he can regen health himself, he would actually be really good as wing position in raid Def/wars