Sumitomo for the Sakura bonus?

I’d appreciate some thoughts on whether it’s worth levelling Sumitomo to pair with Kageburado for the Sakura mana benefit.

I don’t have Inari or Mitsuko, so my options are a little limited on the Sakura front.

I’ve read what’s been written on the forum about Sumitomo, and I’m not really in love with him myself. He’s not super threatening when I face him in raids. But is he useful enough to buy his way in with the Sakura bonus?

I personally like him, he’s not a bad hitter and for me I would def pair him with my Cagey Burrito


Do you use him primarily for offense? Defense? Both?

Just offensive raids and in events. I have a couple 3* and 4* teams…the majority of my teams are 5’s

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From my experience, it’s not worth it unless you are running all five.

I decided to go with Ghost Girl, Danzo, Inari, Mitsuko and Kage. It’s not as great as I thought it would be. I maxed them all but Inari who is stuck at 70 (short tome). The mana gain is awesome, but it’s not enough to overcome the groups shortcomings (overall low ho and no heals).

I’ll try again when I max Inari, but for right now I just run cage as I would any other hero. I’m using him in flank for war and raid defense next to Ares or Guin.


That’s good to know. I have Ameona and Danza too…all sitting at 1/1. I totally hear you about it being an odd group. It’s not exactly like they make any kind of an integrated team.

That’s kinda what I thought the answer might be, but it’s really good to hear from someone who actually gave it a try. Thanks!


I’ve JUST been umming and ahhing about whether to ascend Mitsy or Zimkitty, and decided on Mits (4* mana troops) because of sakura bonus since Kageburago (also 4* mana troops) is such a beastly hitter and the extra mana generation might make him even better, but now i am torn again. A pox on you all!

I do have unleveled Ghost, Sumi and Danza as well but now it seems that they may languish there forever.

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Take a look at the Mitsuko and Zimkitha threads and see if you feel one of the two is better for your team synergies.
The mana bonus with Kage and Mitsy is a nice, small bonus if you think Mitsy is your choice but with just two of the family that should not be the key factor.

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Thanks Sternman. I actually have read through all of those threads quite a few times. Mostly I had been leaning toward Zimkitha because of versatility, mana speed and because cleanse is a great skill, but the family bonus has also drawn me in. As a result, i’d left both of them at 3-30 for ages.

I’ve pushed Mitsy up to 3-65, buuuut now I think i’ll start on Zim. /sigh
I realise ofc that having both is quite a luxury and i’m grateful to have them, but i only have those 6 measly rings and remain torn.

Thanks again for the advice.

You only need a level 11 mana troop to get him to 6 tiles. With the 2% family bonus, level 5. Throw in 2% mana from Barbarian and yoh only need a level 1 mana troop.

Beyond that as far as mana is concerned, it’s pointless, you won’t get him down to 5 tiles.


I wouldn’t put Sumi in any of my regular teams just for the mana bonus, but for war or the trials of strength this Sumi+Kage is a viable combo.
I have a war team with Kage and Danzaburo. The +2% barely pushed the mana down to 6 tiles, but as soon as i’m getting the troops to 11 I won’t need the bonus anymore (still keeping Danza for trials and war since I don’t have 6 better yellows and hardly any rouges).

Sumitomo is also part of my rooster, unleveled. There’s no particular reason why I chose Danza over him. I just happened to have no yellow to train at the time, while still having a bunch of other red 4*s lying around.

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My personal experience is only with Zimkitha and I am a fan. The cleanse is key when raiding against Gravemaker (neutral tiles but clean his burn) and great vs Zeline (strong tiles and cleanse the attack debuff).
I don’t have Mitsy and defer to others.


OMW… i just remembered my other reason for focusing on Mits… she’s allocated for my sorcerer emblems (per this thread) because my alternatives are Quintus (3-65 atm, 4 tabards in hand) or Sabina (3-50 have mats).

Admittedly I have given my druid emblems to Melendor at this stage, when Zimkitha could have them if I ascended her, but for the moment Gandalf is my main heal/dispel hero.

Otherwise I have to wait for a new 5*

I leveled amoenna and she is very useful in hesitation attacks in war, paired with wu-Kong they are my team 5 or 6 I use. Also used her last war in an all dark team and defeated a team 1000tp higher just because of the 4 extra rounds when she kicks, everyone was dead, but tile damage did it😄 that’s the only use though in my opinion, have danza, Kage and inari and tried them on offense, Bonus doesn’t live to the expectations cause in my opinion they don’t fit together well.

Thanks Lucas, very helpful.

Good information. Sounds like you and Hmichellr have had pretty similar experiences with Sakura family. Thank you for sharing! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

So I have a good problem. Got a lot of doubles when I did my Atlantis pulls last night. Have one Sumitomo I’m working on but now, I have three. I have four Proteus, three Triton and two Gobbler’s as well, all of which I’m thinking of saving and eventually leveling up. (double Gobbler seems good for wars against the Christmas characters, Red Hood, Delilah, etc) I have not kept doubles of Ghost Girl as I haven’t found more of her useful, just one. So, SUMITOMO, keep all three for events eventually? Keep two, keep just the one? Been playing for 8 months. Have a Mitsuko that’s almost leveled and love how even the Atlantis three stars act like four stars. Thanks guys! :heart:

It’s unlikely that you’ll want to level up more than 2 copies of a hero, even for ones that you really enjoy.

There are just so many useful powers out there, and being able to assemble teams from among them let’s you tailor your squads to the circimstances much better.

If you’re feeling really excited about Sumitomo, of course there’s no harm in keeping a third. But I’d be leveling a second of several other heroes well before I’d work on a third Sumi.


After leveling 1x Rigard, 1x Proteus, 1x Tiburtus, I would level two more Proteus to 4* 3.60 .


Ok. Good point. Proteii 2 through 4, which I just drew last night, have been locked since I got them :slight_smile: