Noticed after posting that @Cheds has already decided to opt for Scarlett.

Leaving this response here just in case anyone else with a similar conundrum might find it useful. :slight_smile:

I’ve also now levelled Sumle as well and I’m not disappointed. Scarlett is good but for the Wow factor Sumle has been the better choice.

So if you’ve got the Mats then do both but I’d actually advise Sumle if you have Wilbur, Scarlett if you don’t have Wilbur yet.

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Oh yes!
I would follow this, if I didn’t want to factor Wu into the equation.


Colen was my first red 4 star and I used him for a while. Now he is replaced by Sumle as the direct impact can turn the game around instantly, unlike the burn that can be cleansed.

I’m probably also one of the few that thinks that Sumi is more dangerous than Scarlett on defence. As scarlett is pretty squishy I can usually kill her pretty fast. The counter attack from Sumi is an underrated ability as well, as I will really try to avoid hitting him once he goes off and the counter can hit an already weakened hero hard.

I just ascended Sumi myself and will leave Scarlett where she is for now. Mostly because I got Sumi as my second red 4 star and has been on 3/70 for ages. I found him pretty usefull on 3/70 on my lower war teams, so with the recent buff I think he will serve me well at 4/80.

Fair response. I never find a single rispote hero to be that effective (sumo, obakan) you just focus on the other heroes. When you have Boril or Cyprian you realize how nasty a wall or 3 rispote can be. And the same arguement can be made about Sumi that was for Colen, the special can be clensed away. We do agree that Sumle hits like a truck and is very fun to use. Like Colen you hope they live long enough to use that special.

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Do not sleep on Sumle. That dude hits like a truck if a few ppl are dead or you pair with wilbur or g. falcon. Literally hits 3 ppl like a sniper if you kill off a few. I only leveled him for fun but have been getting alot of use, especially in wars. Saved me a few times by blasting down the last 2 or 3 ppl when I was about dead. That burn is nice too when hes low.


Very late to the party here, but Sumle has a roster fit advantage over Colen in that Sumle’s special works well with Azlar’s…costumed or otherwise. Colen and Azlar are incompatible because the DOT specials overwrite rather than stack. Colen was fun, but when I got C.Azlar and found they didn’t play well together, Colen’s been on the bench ever since for red stacks.

But if you pair Sumle and C.Azlar, soth slow you have the potential for doing serious damage. Sumle hits hard, and any enemies knocked below 50% get hit by that 410% blast from Azlar. Then the undispellable burn…

Me being late too…

Since I have too many 5 red stars at LVL 70 I decided a while ago that I go with a 2nd red mono in alliance war as the 6th attempt…

And since Wilbur is a kind of suicide in my main stack (Boldtusk+19, Mitsuko, Falcon, Scarlet, JeanF) I decided that my second mono needs some love…

So I levelled Sumle (+7).

My second red mono: Marjana and Khagan are at 3/70, Boldtusk +1, Sumle +7 and Wilbur +9…

Kicking behinds till date :slight_smile:

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Scarlett is first mandatory to max leveling as you will use her a lot in any fights (raid , war, tourney etc)

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