Sumitomo, Colen or Sir Lancelot?

I need some greater depth in fighters for the trials. I have Sumitomo, Sir Lancelot and Colen all unlevelled. Just cuirious our your thoughts on which one would be best for trials? I’m thinking Lancelot or Sumi over Colen. Lancelot would give more support with his skill.


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Colen, Lance, Sumi in that order.
Colen is a nice tank and a massterminator in green trials due to his DoT.

The buffs of Lance are less strong as it sounds on the card and he is a bit of a glasscannon. But he is a nice flank supporting the wing.

Do Sumi before Lance if you have multiple sakuras. The mana will charge remarkably faster, if you have at least two more and other sakuras.

The good old Colen is by far the best 4* red. (some would say Boldie, but not in my opinion - he’s second I think)

Take him on wing when raiding or as tank in defense. If he fires, he gives death. In trials and as tank even slow mana will do.

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I assume you only have The mats for one of them. I don’t have Lancelot or Colen, but Sumi is a very good fighter

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You can easily bring all to 3.60 and then decide who to ascent first to 4th tier. At 3.60 they are all great for wars and will do their ‘jobs’ in gold arena.

For trials, Lance, then Sumitomo, then Colen.
Lance hits with fair strength and boosts mana gain for himself and allies. VERY useful in a trial.

Sumitomo hits hardest of the 3, but his retribution is of only moderate value on the attack. There’s no way to force enemies to target him, so it’s all random. The exception to this ranking is if you can get 2 more good Lotus Family heroes in your team (or 3 Sumitomos at once). The problem there is they all have to be fighters or whatever 2nd class the trial requires, and have to be decent heroes themselves. If you manage ALL of that, Sumi is a little better than lance.

Colen is last because of slow mana and not much utility. Using his special against non-boss waves feels like a waste, and against bosses it’s not all that strong either.


If you are saying that multiple Sumitomos have a better chance of riposting when the enemy attacks, then that is true. If you are proposing taking advantage of the family bonus with three Sumitomos, then that is NOT true. The family bonus only counts unique family members on the field.


If you have maxed Boldtusk, Colen first
If not, Lance

Since the next battle with fighters looks to be wizard+Fighter, I’ll have Boldtusk 4/70+2, Proteus 4/70, Kiril 4/70 and Merlin 4/70. I have Hu Tao at 3/28 which I’d go to 3/60 but not waste items on him or I can try to level one of these red to 3/60 before the event (I’ll probably save my items for Mitsuko to get to 3/70 for the sorcerer+rogue trial).

I wholeheartedly agree… Colen is a monster. When he fires… heads roll. Boldtusk is really overrated. Rigard makes a better tank than him.

I have every red 4-star in the game maxed. Colen by far sees the most use. Sumitomo gets used occasionally. Lance just sits on the bench.