Suicide Squad Titans wants YOU [And you as well, for we need 2]

Who are we?

We are the Suicide Squad Titans, an English-speaking alliance with members from all around the world and timezones.

How are we doing?

Fine, thanks for asking.


This is us. We currently face a 5* Titan, but we have already beat Rare 5* and a few 6*.

Our record in the last 5 wars is 4-1.

What are the requirements?

No trophy requirement. We don’t care if you like Raiding or not. On the other hand, we are pretty active in Wars and Titans, so we ask new members to be at least level 12+, so they can help us in Wars.

If you are exactly at 12, there’s no problems, we don’t mind helping people improve. We got a few members who joined us as soon as they could, and now they’re hitting hard.

Do we have rules?

Yes, we do, but they’re pretty simple:

1- Be respectful to everyone. Everyone in the alliance is there for fun primarily, and for competition secondly. Don’t offend or bring a lot of negativity to the alliance, we don’t like drama.

2- If you are online, hit the Titan and spend flags on ongoing wars, unless we suspended the Titan attack (it’s always good to ask on chat).

3- If you are going to stay away 3 days or longer, please tell us. We have no issues with people needing some time away, life happens, but if you miss 3 Titans without informing anyone you were going to be away, you’re out.

What do we want from you?

We want people who want to join a family. Out of the 28 members, only 6 of them are with us for less than a month. The leader is married with one of the co-leaders, and the other co-leader is their daughter. I’m an elder there, and I brought the two siblings I have that play the game to join us. This is how much I like the place.

We want people who like to have fun, to chat and to teach and learn. We also want people who want to git gud at the game. Many of ours have high goals within the game, and we don’t want people leaving because the rest of the alliance is not helping them get there.

And that’s it. If you want to join us, join us.

If you think we are what you’re looking for, before searching there and requesting to join, please answer to this topic to say why you are also what we’re looking for.

Thanks for your attention.

Two more places left again xD

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