Suggestions to Improve AI

  • note that these suggestions are exclusively for our characters’ AI during maps and events. I’m not talking about enemies in raids, for example.

I reached level 86 a while ago so I ended up becoming a fan of autoplay because I got tired of repeating stages and events. The point is that autoplay is VERY stupid and poorly exploited. We can improve this to make better use of the game’s resources.

I will suggest small changes that would be very useful, in my opinion. I would like everyone to give our suggestions … after all, you never know when they can be applied to the game.

  1. Healers. my god, artificial intelligence totally wastes healers. I suggest that AI only activate healers when all heroes are below 50% HP.

  2. Animation of special skills. Do we REALLY need to wait for all the animation to activate the next special? Dude, when the 5 heroes load it is necessary to wait almost 2 minutes for everyone to shoot, depending on the animations. This is insane. Just shoot all the heroes quickly as we normally would.

  3. and most importantly: when AI have the possibility to create a diamond or a dragon by joining 4 or more stones on the board, make it do this. Please.

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