Suggestions to avoid losing players


Couldn’t have said it better myself.
We are not noobs complaining, we are players that have stuck it out for a long time, only to see rewards disappearing at an alarming rate.
Then they’ve got ppl on this forum saying everythings just fine & dandy whilst assuming the position.


I agree on so many of these well thpught out ideas! Congrats! I get so frustrated I just sputter.
For me it highlights what is so completely frustrating about the general state of unhappiness in their customer base…there are SO MANY OPTIONS!!
At this point it seems fairly intentional that it has been neither addressed nor resolved. At least state the direction they plan to tak so the customers that got them to this point can make an educated decision about how they want to proceed.

Putting soap box away


Translation (Spanish): My suggestion is that they should change down the time of the fortification the training camp changes of heroes changes of arms that tend the player for which you buy or are in the published one, and that they give everything what they put the publicity, that if you pay they should give you what you pay for nothing else, reduce the time of fortification and training and training, improve the connection, lower the cost you buy them because I understand that a player is very expensive for 300 gems should put 150 maximum


This is a big problem in the four months I e been playing. You simply can’t ascend your troops


Ascend troops past their base star level, no. Level them up to be more effective, yes.
To level troops, you need to get your stronghold level to 10. You need another building, preferably a forge, at level 5. Then when you have a free builder, you can convert the forge into a barracks for the princely sum of 10 seconds of precious time.
In the Barracks you can level up your tropps.