Suggestions to avoid losing players

I sincerely hope that Alliance Wars doesn’t go the same route as the Events in which only the people with the top teams that reach the rarified heights of top 100 will end up getting all the items… suspect that won’t help matters.

Based on SG’s current approach of keeping things rare and people ‘hungry’ (aka frustrated) I can only suspect that this is exactly what they intend… at which point we are back where we started.

Guess I’ll see, and if no real improvement will likely move on to something else. There are better ways to spend time than grind, grind, grind, and other far more generous games on which to spend money.

Keep grinding. Alliance wars should be here before the end of the year

I believe the point Lenore and Snerts are making, Talisax, is that Alliance Wars will not address what they complain about.

Alliance wars probably means that those who have ascended heroes, by good luck or spending money, will get more rewards by drubbing the less fortunate. That will make things worse. I quit Game of War because I wasn’t willing to spend the money required to complete with people who were spending hundreds of dollars a month.

Give us agency where we can do things that result in useful rewards. Nothing else matters.


My example: I need trap tools, sturdy shields, and hidden blades. Note I’m not even trying to get a 5* to maximum.

In a month I’ve gotten maybe 2 of the above - different ones. I got one royal tabard I’ll need someday. My alliance friends think I’m lucky.

Telling me I’ll get to ascend a 4* every 4 months and a 5* every couple of years is telling me to go find a different game. That’s how things are right now.

Alliance wars won’t fix this.


Talisax ,
That says to me " Assume the position, we’ve ordered some lube and we’ll start selling it to you in 6 months time. Just carry on taking it in the meantime !"
It does not address the issues that the constant tightening up on rewards over the last months has created.
We are not noobs complaining, we have been here for quite some time.
We have seem the changes that have made it harder and harder to get rewards and make progress.
We have heard all the lame excuses about RNG and your luck will change over time.
We’ll I’m sorry but for me and hopefully many others, the devs fortunes will also improve over time because not a bean will be forthcoming until there is a serious improvement in ours!


I’m mainly f2p using only Google rewards for purchases and having very little. I got lucky to get a 5* and have her fully ascended I have 6 other 4s fully ascended. I am missing items to fully ascend any other 5 but have enough for any other 4* minus green. I’ve been playing for 6 months. It is possible to get items, just very slow.

Nice thing about Alliance Wars is that if you have some spenders in your alliance, it will help those who don’t spend. Before You complain about Alliance Wars, wait and see what they are 1st.

Events give ascension items just for completing intermediate and advanced. Don’t need to be a spender to get those.

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I don’t believe that for an instant even.

  1. We’ve apparently taken a nerf to some titan loot tiers, and we have no way to see if the drop chances got fiddled with either really without copious amounts of data which we simply don’t have and will never rationally get.

  2. Rare quests at one point were on the order of once per week; right now that’s looking more like once per month.

  3. Small sample size but Ascension Packs still suck for the money invested.

  4. At the same time it appears more offers are being, well, offered. Here, more gems, which results in more heroes / account probably (when looked at over the player base) but we’re still going to make progression at a crawl.

The only rationale I can possibly think of is SG is looking to slow players down, which is quite the opposite of speeding them up… so it’s unlikely that Alliance Wars would meaningfully change that.

Events don’t even come remotely close to addressing that, and actually their reward model makes perfect sense now looking at it from the perspective of slowing people down.

I don’t know what their player analytics state but I would suggest people are getting more frustrated and more dissatisfied.

And for those who don’t think this matters, if you care about raids, or titan damage, the apparent nerf to ascension item drop rate makes it harder to catch up with people already on higher plateaus.


And will these wars reward winners more than losers? Because a war that allows those with ascended characters to defeat and take loot from those without exacerbates the problem. The phrase “vicious circle” applies nicely.

The drop rate is too low. You can fix that with the next update.

The distribution of items being random means that someone can get many copies of what they don’t need and none of what they do, over months of play. That’s what “random” means. Fixing that requires adding player agency, which is hard.

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We dont5know how alliance wars will work nor rewards. We’ll have to wait and see

A few quick thoughts:

  1. re: drop rate too low: a lot of times I come back to your time investment into this game. Are you filling raid/monster chests as quickly as possible, doing the events, watching mystic vision, etc. I think in 1.7 they added 3 and 4* ascension items to mystic vision. I get about one every 2-3 weeks. I have gotten a telescope and recently got a damascus blade this month. Do I go weeks without anything from titan battles, monster/raid chests, etc. - sure. Is it frustrating. You bet. But I don’t think they are lowering the drop rates on these. I have zero to back that up though.

  2. My frustration waned a bit once I appreciated that there is no one singular strategy to this game. I used to think the end goal was a fully leveled 5* team and that was it. Events have put emphasis on building 3, 4 and 5* teams to get the rewards. I appreciate now, but didn’t for months, that your defense team may not make the best titan team which may not make the best map team. Often, and I am guilty of it as well, we focus on the NOW of what you NEED versus the future of what you MIGHT need. Those 8 hidden blades I didn’t need? Well, I got an Ares and a Scarlett and poof, they were gone. Those 13 orbs I didn’t need? I got a Chao and two Jackals. I’ll need them!

  3. Sometimes I think a little investment of money can inject a lot more fun into the game. I know it’s not for everyone and know some are vehemently against it, but over 4-5 months I have put about $50 into it and it’s really ratcheted up the fun. But this is a choice. Is it risky - sure, never know what you are going to get and I know some people have been completely hosed, but still, there’s no reward without risk.

  4. The most vocal people on the forums often times are the one’s that aren’t happy with something. I say this for a couple of reasons. I do think it’s great that some people invest the time to provide solid critiques and offer suggestions (some certainly don’t, this is one that is solid and thought out). But there must be hundreds of thousands of active players out there, maybe millions. The ratio to those complaining vs. those playing is really, really small. It’s possible that a majority are happy with the game. People these days take all the time in the world to complain, and very limited time to appreciate and thank.

I write this essay (lol) not directed at ANYONE, only to share my feelings on this topic. Like most, I feel the same pain you all do, I have gotten 3 sturdy shields in like 4-5 months of playing (and they have all come in the last month or so) and have had a tier 3 green 4* for that same amount of time…I have trained almost 60 TC13’s and have ONE 4* to show for it. I have done what feels like millions of wanted missions, hit the titan daily, etc. only to still need a ton of stuff for my team. I just want others to find other ways to enjoy the game the way I have to keep me playing.


“There’s no reward without risk” actually in many games there is. As a comparison, I’ll use Shadow Wars a similar game - accumulate monsters for your team, level them up with monster shards to go from 1 star to 7 stars, daily quests, weekly quests, join syndicate and do raids, etc. But the economy is direct - when you buy obsidian (equivalent of gems), you use those to buy things directly - e.g. buy specific monster shards, buy a specific artifact, buy X medkits. There’s a $9.99/mo subscription that lets you get 4-8 additional monster shards per day (you get 4 for free every 2.5 days by default) plus some raw materials your syndicate can use. After roughly six weeks playing, I have a medium strong team of 5 star monsters. I can directly see and know that the $9.99/mo spend is totally worth it, having just seen it for a month. There’s a ton of $2.99 special offers. I’ve bought 2 if they’re the right monster I need.

There are multiple tiers of syndicates with monster level caps on the lower tiers to help newbs not get totally massacred.

It seems like a game setup for the long haul with an economy that gives TANGIBLE benefits with little frustration. I haven’t chatted with a person who has buyers remorse yet. I’ve literally chatted with 8 dozen people and not a SINGLE ONE with buyer’s remorse.

Now I like the mechanics of the game here better, but should things deteriorate, that’s a game that I can land on instead.

They have indeed reduced titan loot - tier 8 I believe used to get 3 ascension items (e.g. rolls for good stuff), now it only gets 2. That is going backwards.

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To your point #4, granted there are a lot of people playing, a vocal few complaining on boards like this, but just as in the restaurant business, just cause the customer doesn’t complain, that doesn’t mean they were happy…they just don’t come back. Most people won’t take the time to complain, they just will delete the game and find something else to play. The people that take the time to voice their concerns are the ones that truly care about the game.

To point #3…I have no problem giving money to the game and have…but when it starts to feel like you are not getting a positive return on your investment and the game is almost forcing you to spend to advance, then why would I want to keep giving them money. Until I start getting my moneys worth, this game won’t see another dime from me, no matter how epic the offer.

To point #2…it is great to stock pile items and look to the future granted, but if the game frustrates me to the point of quitting, all those stock piled orbs don’t mean anything. Having your progress stunted for months is not fun.

To point #1…I don’t have to ambition to collect data on drops and loot, but when some of the big stat keepers start noticing loot rate drops, that is when I start thinking that maybe it isn’t just me, that there is something going on.

What keeps me coming back everyday is the chatting and making friends in alliances and on line. If it wasn’t for that aspect of this game, I would have deleted it months ago. I really don’t want to be frustrated with this game but at some point it would be nice if it seemed like the devs heard what we are saying and remedy some of the issues.

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I like the chatting & alliance aspect as well, and I guess I am lucky as each dollar I have invested has returned for me, and even when I didn’t invest, I got something in return (I got Ares on a free epic token from a wanted chest).

My thought, wanting to believe in the goodness of people, is that if there is an actual reduction in titan loot ascension items its because they added mystic vision as a venue to get them - i.e. they balanced it or skewed to a little higher drop rate against many different ways.

And yes, I agree to your customer comments as well. I’m just trying to show how I am coping with this. Again, maybe I am lucky, patient or something else.

My other thought is that I don’t ever really play these types of games, I have no idea what you are talking about as to the other game you mention, so maybe I don’t have the benchmark to be as frustrated as some are. That could easily be why I am more positive on this. Keep in mind I do feel frustrated at times as well like everyone else. Just trying to put the positive spin on it for me.

I agree getting the ascending stuff is crazy I got 2 I have not ascended because has been impossible to do. One my Skittleskull been waiting over almost 2 months now.

He’s the guy I have been waiting on for like 5 months. I got Caedman while I waitied so once I get the 4th shield he will ascend as I just think I will use him more in titan battles and raids.

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A couple small things:

  1. I have played a game with Alliance Wars that was relatively painless to the lower-scoring folks, and I have played Game of War that was so discouraging I will never return. We don’t know how this one will be structured. I’m willing to wait before I call it a dog.

  2. I’ve played lots of games before this one. I’m playing this one. I’m still playing this one, and not the other ones. That says something to me. I know I’ve done a few things differently than others, because it works for me. If a particular gameplay style works better for you, do that. :wink:


Like Rook, I am still playing this game. It has a pleasing mechanic and is on the whole laid back. That’s what I like about it.
Unfortunately the fact that I’m now hitting a wall to progress means the laid back pace is becoming jaded. There is nothing to do, really, but slog in the hope of finding that very occasional ascension item, or levelling up some back-up heroes (and then getting stuck on those for ascension items too… which are the very same ascension items I need for my primaries).

I have always had a complaint about the economy, and have never bought in to the logic of keeping things mean to prevent pay to win. It’s still pay to win… just a slow and drawn out version of it. I don’t see SG’s strategy on this, and I don’t believe it will help their game or themselves financially.

What will keep my interest is the ability to keep progressing… and then keep innovating so that the progress I make with my heroes can be put to good use (e.g. colour-specific events, or events requiring certain hero attributes… etc.) Don’t put artificial caps on the rate that people can progress simply because you don’t want to avoid the challenge of innovation to prevent an over-inflation in hero power. There are ways you can combat this… making the economy over-mean is not the best approach to it.

So you can count me a solid fan of the game, its gameplay, the concept, the relaxed nature of play. (Still not a great fan of raids). But I’m now just getting bored, because there is no progress. And I don’t see spending as the way out because of the poor value you get for your spend. The result will be the same… I’ll eventually leave.

I played Diablo II for a couple of years on and off. The way things are going with this game, it will have me only for a few short months… and that is mostly WITHOUT PAYING. Own goal SG - I’m using your server resources, for no great reward to you.

I think there are enough posts on these boards from enough different people reinforcing this same message for it to show some representation of how people feel. This has to be representative of a sizeable portion of the player-base. If SG don’t sit up and take notice I feel they could well be turning a potential blockbuster in to an also ran… which would be a pity.

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Aight… so SG… let me fix ur broken shiz… change that 250 gem gamble for ascension mats so that it CAN drop orbs and sturdy shields and remove all the 2* and below crap. I’d pay 250 gems for 2 x 3* ascension mats very happily.

And as for ur 600 one… make it a guaranteed 4* ascension mat and drop it to 400 gem cost. Since ur constantly expanding the hero pool (kudos since it opens up new possibilities for teams in diff aspects of the game), let us spend to get guaranteed mats at a reasonable cost. I know, i know, p2w… but gem production is better than ever with achieves/quests, so even f2p can gem stuff from time to time to get that missing mat.

Now you still need to buff all the other ascension mat opportunities further… rare quests more often, better rewards spread even more over special events etc… but if im missing a couple of mats i would part with coin to get that ascension finished now rather than wait so i can test out the hero and play around with it in my teams.

I don’t have your financial data, but i reckon you’d be on a winner by making more heroes we all want to try out and reducing the cost to play them! Think - how much fun would it be to ascend heroes more often and let strategy and creativity fill the forums rather than the constant noise of ‘still no ascension mats after x months’ … which makes the game frustrating rather than fun.


I’m actually baffled as to why the devs think putting out more heroes while keeping the mats needed so rare is the way to keep people interested. Why would I try to get more heroes when I can’t even ascend the ones I have? Even worse, because these items are so hard to come by I most likely won’t use them on a couple 5* that I should consider myself lucky to have, because they’re so rare and valuable. I want to save in hopes of getting a hero that better suits my purposes, which is a boring way to be thinking

Many teams out there aren’t getting used due to the fact that people can’t get the mats needed, or they don’t want to waste the mats on the heroes they have, because once they do that’s it… Once those mats are gone it’ll be close to a year before you get them back

This is looking less like a game and more like a hero museum for people to display what they got but will never use… Just heroes collecting dust :confused:


No one is forcing you to spend your gems (and thus money) on doing hero pulls. You could spend your gems on the ascension packs or trainer’s tools. The trainer’s tools in particular has been good value for me. That’s an influx of warm capes, trap tools, and hidden blades.

Also, are the devs NOT supposed to make new heroes in the meantime?

In my old alliance we were killing 8 and 9 star titans and getting 4-6 non-farmable ascension items per titan collectively. If your team is sitting and beating up on 5*s, well you’re not gonna get nearly as much, but that’s not a competitive team. but a team of 30 players with 5 x 60 four stars (i.e. before you need ascension mats) should be able to move up beyond and be competitive against titans that will more regularly drop items.

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