Suggestions to avoid losing players

Yeah was a reply to BigD, as he proposed putting guaranteed 3* and 4* ascension materials in the shop for cheap prices.

Whilst I wouldn’t buy the packs that are in place now myself, I don’t mind them because there’s still a chance of getting something :slight_smile: . Don’t have anything against the point you’re making.

Not sure what you’re talking about with your reply to my post. I never said I was sitting and hitting 5* Titans and expecting rewards.
I just got an A rating on a 10* and walked with 2* loot. I also got A+ on a 9* last night and only got 2* loot.

I’d be fine with this if it were actually in useful amounts for the effort put in, and that’s the main reason people are quitting.

There’s no sense of accomplishment or progression. We’re all just going through the motions and getting very little for our effort.

Scoring on the E&P mat slot machine isn’t going to be the thing that keeps it fun. This game is in desperate need of reward for effort


Since this is suggestions on how to keep people from calling it quits. I suggest the rare quests be less rare. Give us a chance to earn our mats.

I also suggest that if I’m not lucky enough to get high star loot from killing a high star Titan, that’s fine…at least give me something other than the finger in the form of 1 feather.

Some low star loot can be useful but only when in appropriate amounts. I wouldn’t mind even getting 1* loot from a 10* Titan if it were actually a reward that matched the effort. 10 large bones and 10 leather straps can make 10 mana pots…that’s useful loot

Instead it’s a chance at something good and the rest of the time we’re just waiting around for something to actually happen. That’s boring, and eventually people are going to move on


They increase ham and iron. Personally i have crafting items coming out of my ears with over 100 of the most rare and over 5k of most common

I like “increased bones (or similar loot)”. That resonates with me. :slight_smile:


Lets be honest though… SG made a game out of a great concept. But whats the ‘end game’? Simple - it doesnt have one. Instead we’re left grinding for ascension mats so we dont realise there IS no endgame. Alot of games happen this way though, so im not attacking or criticising SG for it… just pointing out that they are playing catchup as they try to make an endgame that will keep us all happy.

E&P is fun. Alliances offer real online friendships and have kept many players here. As did mercs before that. SG now have to figure out if theyre going to make it an mmo team pvp game (alliance wars?), single player pvp (change ‘raiding’ to allow you to look for an opponent in real time, rather than the AI controlling the opponent) (think hearthstone matching system), or pve (which will mean SG having to grind up new special events and a new season etc etc fast enough to not lose their player base on an ongoing basis), or all of the above.

And simply put, that takes time and resources. So kudos to SG for the work thus far… but dont stiff us on the chance to play cards at their max by holding out on ascension mats because you’re worried no one will play if they have ‘everything’. Add more cards, make ascension mats cheaper, put more deals up that make us want to spend, and figure out your endgame :slight_smile: we’re still here because we like the game :slight_smile:

Oh - and PLEASE communicate with us a little better if u can :slight_smile:

Or am I asking too much? :wink:

NB: TY Petri for the awesome post just now with whats happening!!! Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)


Honestly I love the game been playing it 233 days. I am co-leader of an alliance. All I really want is at least one 5 star creature. All the other members that join my alliance after me have them. Also I have spent money into the game and not received one. It’s discouraging when you can’t even compete in your alliance against the Titans cause you don’t have a 5 star. Your always on the bottom of Titan attack lists :frowning:


A well rounded team of 4* heroes can do very well against Titans. But I do agree that’s a long time to still not have your first 5*. I started last May, and got my first 5* on a lucky coin draw in mid June. No others until last month when I rolled 30x in the event summon, and only got 2 more.

If you’ve not already, work towards getting Training Camps to level 20 to try for free 5* heroes! My luck has been poor, but I did finally get Horghall out of a TC20 a few weeks ago.


Yes I am working on getting my training camps up. I am at 18 but I gotta
upgrade my stronghold 2 more times before I can build the training camp up
to 20

Those last couple levels on SH and TCs take forever but it’s well worth it. I wish you luck when the trainings begin!


Thank you and wish you alot of luck as well :slight_smile: also nice to meet you

Just so you have the proper expectations with getting 5* heroes from TC20, there’s an entire thread devoted to others reporting results. Last time I peeked into it, the calculated chance to get a 5* is only about 5-6%, and I think it was about 20-25% chance at getting 4*.

I’d add a link to the thread if I knew how, but should be able to find it easy enough with the forum search feature.


here is the link:


How to do this?
find thread - press long on thread TITLE - choose “copy URL” - go back to original thread - reply - paste
(android mobile phone)


I totally agree. I have paid money to summon and been lucky enough to land 5 stars. But I feel if I am willing to put up real money i should b getting hero’s I can’t get with a silver token. Ever


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I don’t understand your logic for making profits. You over charge for gems and in return you give too many low level duplicate hero’s. Why not increase your profits by lowering gem prices, group your hero’s 3*’s below and 4*s and up. You could increase your profits with bulk sales and you might even increase your player base.


I just spent 300 gems for a special character and then got the same character with a free summons and I don’t think that is fair. Why should I bother to buy gems if I can get the same character for free?


The heroes are random. It is chance and not design you got the same hero.

The game also gives free gems over time, so you will have more opportunities to try for other heroes. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t have said it better myself.
We are not noobs complaining, we are players that have stuck it out for a long time, only to see rewards disappearing at an alarming rate.
Then they’ve got ppl on this forum saying everythings just fine & dandy whilst assuming the position.


I agree on so many of these well thpught out ideas! Congrats! I get so frustrated I just sputter.
For me it highlights what is so completely frustrating about the general state of unhappiness in their customer base…there are SO MANY OPTIONS!!
At this point it seems fairly intentional that it has been neither addressed nor resolved. At least state the direction they plan to tak so the customers that got them to this point can make an educated decision about how they want to proceed.

Putting soap box away

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