Suggestions re: hero’s card design

It doesn’t make sense that the class, family, and costume symbol is not visible in top left corner of the hero Thumbnail card for every hero. Some heroes have some/all of the applicable symbols and some have none and doesn’t make sense. It would make it easier when searching.

Also, when sorting hero’s, there should be a toggle switch to include heroes in designated teams to turn on/off so that all heroes can be sorted.

Lastly, there should be a way to search heroes by original class vs costume class without having to open each card individually and look at non-costumed card or without changing which version is default (which can mess up war/raid team).

These are just really time consuming things that would make life easier, and seem like easy fixes.

And when you are training heroes, they ought to filter the heroes in teams or you have locked as favorites to the bottom so you can see only disposable heroes.

There is some logic behind this (though I won’t claim to understand the rationale behind the decision). If a hero is maxed, you’ll see the class emblem on the hero. If they aren’t maxed, you won’t. It might be because only a maxed hero can have emblems, so they only display the class icon once it is maxed. I agree it would be nice to see the class on all heroes regardless. However, if you use the Sort by Class option, it does group the heroes togehter (most powerful first), regardless of whether or not the class icon displays based on hero level. I can see this being frustrating if you don’t have at least one of each hero maxed as a section begin/end point.

As for the toggle switch - it has been mentioned multiple times, but for whatever reason, never implemented. Again, agreed it would be nice to have the option to ignore/display teams regardless of which sort is being used.

The only way the class will change for a costume is if you equip the non-used version. You can still look at the card, click the appropriate arrow (to see costume/non-costume info and class), not equip it, and the hero will remain in whatever status they were before you looked at the card. This is one that sounds simple, but might be very tricky based on the code to actually implement. - Maybe they could have dual class icons on the card. The active icon could be in the spot it currently is, and perhaps on the other side of the card, show the inactive class icon. But you’d still have to open the card to see it. I suppose they could do this on the Roster page as well, but that would make the page very cluttered…