Suggestions re: hero’s card design

It doesn’t make sense that the class, family, and costume symbol is not visible in top left corner of the hero Thumbnail card for every hero. Some heroes have some/all of the applicable symbols and some have none and doesn’t make sense. It would make it easier when searching.

Also, when sorting hero’s, there should be a toggle switch to include heroes in designated teams to turn on/off so that all heroes can be sorted.

Lastly, there should be a way to search heroes by original class vs costume class without having to open each card individually and look at non-costumed card or without changing which version is default (which can mess up war/raid team).

These are just really time consuming things that would make life easier, and seem like easy fixes.

And when you are training heroes, they ought to filter the heroes in teams or you have locked as favorites to the bottom so you can see only disposable heroes.

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