Suggestions please - boril or other blue?

So been working on boril as my tank and have him leveled to 4/51. Did a 10x pull and got Grimm, Sonia and Kiril. My question is would you waste anymore time leveling up boril over leveling another blue 4 star?
Does the extra 19 level make boril that much better? And yes boril is my only tank so far. Thanks for all replies in advance

Finish Boril. Your next blue is between Kiril and Grimm but it depends on the rest of your roster. Do you need a healer and buffer more than a hitter and debuffer?

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I have a maxed out boldtusk to buff and working on both Caedmon and Melendor. Both around 3/10. I guess if I didn’t finish boril it would probably nag at me. Thanks for the reply

You need Grimm for titan damage

Raid is relevant. Titan is a fact


As you already have bt:

  1. Finish Boril
  2. Grimm
  3. Kiril
  4. Sonya

Give 1* to grimm so you have multiple chanches to skill up

Meanwhile feed your 2* to finish boril


boral is a absalute bomb.
i have two and working on a second one
my end boral stats are

501 atck 792 defence life of 1151
he is super effective for raids and titans
he only cost one full mana potion and one small mana potion at start and yup all 3 allies now have counter spell this is great for titan killing,
after my second one is maxed in spot four all team will cause a lot of head aches ,
and when you put all two in your main team this will make a lot of players move on from raiding you over night ,

I usually attack teams with Boril. He is very easy to defeat with good offensive heroes. I never bother training him. I’d level all the other blues before him

Agreed 100% 20 character

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Riposters are mediocre on defense as they are easily dispelled… They really shine on offense where you can avoid dispellers and control their timing against the great AOE 5* hitters which stand no chance of survival against well used riposte. 5* snipers also kill themselves on riposte, but they could always hit your team’s wings which are not covered by riposte… Also, Boril and Cyprian will withstand any direct hit available at the moment. So I wouldn’t ignore Boril or Cyprian until I found myself in diamond arena.

I disagree that Boril is easily dispelled lol. Green has two 4* dispellers in Caedmon and melendor but the problem is, if the mana is charged to dispel Boril he’s likely already dead. I stack 3/2 in most raids, so triple green against a Boril tank. If riposte is active it’s because I’m not getting green tiles. And then once I start getting green tiles, the counter attack shreds my team.

I use Cyprian, and as tank he is pretty decent but does not shine. As center of my attack line, he is a real beast. He is the main reason I usually manage to kill 5* teams, using only 4* even if not always on the first attempt. But as soon as I re-roll to the right defense team (ones with green or yellow tanks and slow mana AOE hitters) things usualy turn in my favor with a decent enough board.


As an aside, I would love for SGG to allow me to see the offense that beat my defense. That would be very educational.


To the original question, you can stop leveling Boril. So long as his special is 8/8.

There is a point in the leveling process where/when stopping can be considered appropriate. You have to weigh where growth is going to add to the team.

In your situation, Kiril is a very good 4. If Boril has reached the point of not being one-shot, move on to leveling a hero who will stay in play well in to diamond.

That’s what I was thinking also Bud. The amount of recruits I need to finish leveling him up could give me a nice boost on another character and help with war depth and titans