Suggestions on where to spend gems?

Hi guys I would like some suggestions on where should I spend my gems. I have been playing for 3 weeks and I have only spend 100 gems trying to increase my heroes capacity. I have saved some gems and would like to know if it’s more wiser to spend gems on troops x10/1600 gems or gambling on the events for elemental heroes x10/2600 gems?

Being so new I would not worry about troops for a while. You could get some along the way in tokens.

If your going to spend gems building your roster should be first. Your hero capacity will increase when you level up and you shouldn’t run into too many issues for a while.

Regarding the gems. This even has ok heros as you may have read. They are not must haves so a lot of people are buying the cheap deals and keeping the gems. In a couple weeks the Season 2 atlantis portal will open back up. This will have season 2 heros, old hero of the month, and all the normal summon stuff. Now the chances are slim but this may be a good spot. Or the event next month has some good heros (Hansel comes to mind).

Before each event you will have the same cheap gem deals again just so you are aware if you decide to wait and plan.


Thanks Rockstar9280. The reason I increased my heroes capacity with gems is because I am close to have 3 TC 11 and I a train heroes non-stop. I am not going off for the first offers I see in the game as I am learning first the events and what is worth and what is not. :slight_smile:

It’s a good question.

I’m fairly new to this game (maybe 9 months on) and I think the 10x elemental summon is probably the second best option as you can target a specific colour your team is weak at.

However, I say second best because I think some of the more powerful heroes are from the event portals (and you can only get these ones from event portals eg. everyone likes Guardian Jackal and Guinevere). The Atlantis portal also has old HOTM (some of these old HOTM are very powerful).

Keep in mind that eventually you will come to a point where you can generate FREE 5* from Level 20 Training Camps that you see in the Elemental portals. Free meaning NO GEMS required!

I have 2 Level 20 TCs running at the moment, and am building a third one.

So in conclusion for you maybe in the short term the elemental portal but medium to long term the event portal.

Hope that helps.

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My thoughts on high-value gem use:

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I would spend gems only in events and Atlantis portals…moreover, I would skip pirate event since no relevant hero is in there, and I would also consider skipping fables (only Red hood and Hansel are relevant)

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I buy heroes every week but always giving 3star heroes only

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