Suggestions on what 5 stars I should max

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Well, suggestions of whom not to level would be much easier…


Red: Marjana, Mitsuko
Blue: Alice, Magni
Green: Tarlak, The Hatter, Yunan, Lianna
Yellow: Finish Onatel, Ranvir, Rana, Inari
Purple: Finish Kunchen (if as tank), Seshat, 2nd Hel, 2nd Kageburado, Aeron

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I never use kuchen except in aw. I like his special but slow is slow. Team 1 is my defense team. Mother north, zkat, frida, hel, and Poseidon in that order. Any suggestions on defense line up would be cool too

Using… so… much… restraint…
AHEM okay I’m better now.

I generally agree with @jinbatsu, with some minor mods:

Red: Mitsuko, Marjana (You need another red hitter. Either is good, I like Mits a bit more)
Blue: Alice, Magni (You need someone to go with Frida, and I think Alice is better than Magni, but again, both are good)
Green: Yunan, Tarlak, Lianna (suggest you get over your slow hero bias, Yunan is one of the best tanks in the game. Tarlak is a must for every titan team you field)
Yellow: Finish Onatel, Rana, Inari (Onatel is great on offense. Rana is great everywhere)
Purple: Finish Kunchen, Finish Kage, Seshat (Again, he may be slow but he’s an unbelievably good hero. Kage is great primarily because he debuffs before striking, but Seshat could give him a run for his money once we really get a chance to see how good she is).


Kage is still waiting for the tabard so is kuchen. I have 1 hel maxed

I have rings and scopes ready to go right now. I was thinking maxing the 2nd z kat but I do need a red hitter. The fast cleanse is addicting and part of the reason I’m not a huge fan of kuchen but I do hate facing him anywhere on the board

Rings: I’m not happy with Mitsuko, Anzogh would be a better choice, or second Zim.
Scopes: Alice or Magni.
Kunchen - awesome hero :slight_smile:

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Either him or mj is what I was thinking. MIT is only good agaisnt blue hitters. Shes good for titans because all the dmg is reflected

I promise you that will change very fast once you max her.
She smashes greens, reflects blues. High HP, can take a beating.
Giving her rings was the easiest decision I’ve ever made

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you’ll never encourage me to do that :smile:

Fine. Your loss :slight_smile:
20 Mitsukos

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