Suggestions on improving my long term titan teams based on my roster

I am attaching my selected titan teams with the heroes I have. I plan to give all the mats I can ASAP to these heroes. Let me know what do you think? And if you have any suggestions on switching in some heroes from bench that create better synergy? I am looking for long term titan teams, so even if some hero is not leveled, but you think fits well in the team, please let me know. I only picked heroes for making the teams, those are not the final position placement in the team, as some heroes need to be strategically placed. I am really looking forward to any advice that can improve my titan score. Thanks so much!

Here are my titan teams:
I am gonna try to fill the blue space with Miki next month.

Here is my hero roster:

That many partially levelled heroes hurts my eyes. Choose five heroes (whichever you like ) and take them as far as you can with your materials. It seems you should be concentrating on four stars at the moment. Putting undeveloped fives like Rumpel and Greg for example is definitely holding you back

For titans only I would recommend:

Purple: Tiburtus. He should have got the trap tools that you just gave Ursena, but now that you have, get her to 3/70 ASAP . Purely for titans defense down is very powerful . Too early for Seshat at the moment, Proteus would be better right now. Long term she’s good put the minions might slow you down and you only get 90. Seconds

Yellow: Bane is better than Chao right now, and your ascended Wu is better than Ranvir until Ranvir is in final ascension, which I’m guessing is a while away. Grimm and Kiril are a good idea til you get more developed yellows

Green: feed Margaret, you’ve given her the materials so get her to 3/70, but probably hold her there. Hansel and Greg without training are definitely holding you back. Belith and Kashrek would probably do better as they’ve been trained, and you can train up LJ too for his high attack stat. Hansel is great in almost all circumstances and should be a priority. Greg is good on Titans but needs to be trained to 3/70 to survive well

Blue: use Kiril Grimm Boril Sonya Wu right now. Rumpel is too low in ascension. Ranvir not as good as Wu yet as noted above

Red: correct team, but BT should have been ascended by now, great hero. Same as Wilbur. Spending materials on fives before fours is not a good idea. Wu for Ranvir

Thanks for your reply, as I mentioned, these are not my current teams, I am working on them, and gonna level them up. So, none of these teams are holding me back. It’s an eventual team that I am interested in. I can always get a good enough right now team from my currently leveled up heroes. In fact I am doing pretty well on 6* titans which is the highest for now that we keep defeating. I have got trap tools to give to tibrutus too - just wanted to make sure he fits in the team long term. I have also got mats to take Ranvir, Seshat, and Rumpelstiltskin all the way to 4-80 - just getting there slowly. Anyway, thanks for taking a look and giving your suggestions.

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