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DEV’s…Here is my updated Google Play review. Just an FYI!


  1. MAKE THE RAIDS WORK! Fix the raids. If my team of heroes TP is 250+ higher than my opponent, I should expect to win. Consider if I spend money (hello!) to upgrade my team, the frustration at losing to lower ranked teams is heightened. Make it simple…higher team power…you win (or at least the odds are in your favor!)…that’s why we strive to LVL up the heroes. Also acts as motivation for others to upgrade their heroes.

  2. OFFER BETTER REWARDS! Be more generous please. When you level up your player profile, give something good each and every time. Sometimes I get next to nothing of value. I spend alot of time (and $$) on the game and it would be appreciated to receive a really good ascension item or a nice bag of gems. As another example, the daily summon gate rarely offers anything of value. It is almost guaranteed to be 1* or 2* players. Really, offers no value. VERY IMPORTANT: If I spend $30 to buy a 10 pack of heroes and all I get is 3* and maybe a single 4*, I am hopping mad. DEV’s, please…when your players spend THEIR money, you really ought to reward them…at the very least, every 10 pack should have at least one legendary guaranteed. This goes for the Monsters/Heroes/Titan meters too…work hard to complete those and most often get very little in return. Please, offer better rewards!

  3. MAKE IT FASTER/EASIER TO LVL HEROES! It is entirely too long of a process to fully LVL and ascend heroes. One solution: regarding the 10 pack of daily heroes for 1200 gems…change it to a 25 pack of heroes for 1000 gems. That gives real value to the player and will help players lvl up their teams faster.

  4. OFFER THE FAST LANE PACK AS A REGULAR PURCHASE ITEM! Maybe the best offering you have!!!

Thank for reading.

I agree with some of your suggestions but my advice… move on…

1- You are not guarantee anything not even in real life war is that way. Get use to it. Is just the way the game is.

2- Yes better rewards if we work hard for it like in chests and loot. Guarantee 5* hero is asking for ■■■■ trouble and a game nobody would enjoy.

  1. Yes make the hero’s a bit faster to level or make trainer hero’s more available.

  2. Agree which goes with 3.

This is a probability game, Learn how to read your opponent and make the board work for you.


Get use to public opinions because you made a public suggestion :wink:

Triggered much? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not triggered. Simply as I stated. Not interested in your opinion on my opinion. If there was a way to block comments I would. Further, if I could send my thoughts/ideas/suggestions/complaints to Small Giant privately, I would. They choose to restrict players to the forum.

Question for you…troll much? Go away please.

Nope… Just stating facts. Good luck!

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I was about to agree with making the fast lane pack a regular offering but see that you’re just being unpleasant.



Not being unpleasant at all. Being direct, yes.

You sound like my husband. He has said all of these things in a similar way at one point or another. He also added that the rewards for finishing provinces and the map need to be better. It wouldn’t really be fair for people like me who have already finished and got the crumbs, but it would be unfair for me to whine about it and hold back progress.

  1. I disagree that you should have a guaranteed win if you are higher team power, because that would be a guaranteed loss if you are weaker, and it would isolate ftp and ctp players just trying to climb their way to the top. I like that a good board can end in a victory that otherwise would have made it a defeat.

  2. I agree whole-heartedly, rewards do need to be better than the peanuts we receive. it is especially important for the ftp and ctp members.

  3. YES! It is an arduous uphill climb to max a hero or a troop. It gets very tedious, very expensive, and very boring. And their stats don’t get much higher for the amount of work we put into them.

  4. I don’t really care about this one because i never really buy it.

I will point out that the reason SG forces you to post publicly is so they can get a reference for interest in the game. If they catered a game to a single user, they wouldn’t make very much money. Seeing the activity on posts via the votes it gets, the comments or likes it receives, the amount of hubbub if you will, gives them a better frame to see what the community expects of the game, and they can adjust accordingly. What works for you, doesn’t always work for the group, and when you give a lot of ideas at once, it’s even more important for a community of peers to pick the idea apart and sort of do the work for the devs to figure out realistic solutions that everyone can at least comprimise on.

TLDR: you’re ideas are good for the most part, and SG needs to make a game for everyone, not just you, so suck it up and deal with our opinions.

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Expect to win…?


I’ve heard a lot of demands in this game.

I think the demand to win is a first though :joy:

The rest of your “suggestions” are to change the basic mechanics of the game that make the game what it is. If you made these changes it would be a different game

My logical suggestion:

Find a different game, this one’s not for you if you dont like grinding or RNG based rewards or having a chance to lose to “weaker” players


This is hilarious! And then you get salty when people point that out. It’s a game of skill. Either you have it or you don’t. :joy::joy:


This thread should be moved to the ridiculous complaints thread lol @the i pay more so i should win


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