Suggestions for the future

I have a few ideas that I feel could help and a few other thoughts to share.

  1. Have a list compiled of what is being worked on. (Ex. With possible answers: 1. Guild wars- in beta stage. 2. Alliance trading- not at this time, 3. Ability to send personal message- still compiling information. etc.) This would allow people to have feedback that is readily handy and should help avoid numerous duplicate requests.

  2. Event or challenges where you need a type of character to compete. ( ex. Only dead heroes, only females, only male, animal heroes, only a specific color, etc.) Additionally, a different parameter could be team power or only heroes of specific * level (1-5)

  3. Have cups reset monthly but with everyone starting at 1000 or some other determined level. This gives extra insight to the players performance and style of play. In this system you gain what another loses. Still keep the current format of what is won or lost in terms of amount of points along with resources.

  4. Experience for raiding.

  5. Once you reach 100% experience and can advance, you need to confirm it prior to moving up. Everyone likes to wait at 99% till the new Titan appears to get the extra hits, yet perhaps that is still hours away. Right now you are left with very little to do. If you had the option of when to confirm you could continue to play and then confirm once the new Titan, or whenever you wish, occurs. Limited to one level max advancement.


  1. It helps if people bother to search for previous threads… :wink:

  2. (On #5) Where does the excess experience go? Do they get a sudden surge of their stored experience once they cross over to the next level? Is this mechanic feasible?


Yes and i believe it would totally be feasible. I’ve seen it in other games. Currently there is not much benefit to levelling and it takes quite a while at higher levels. I find it annoying taking over a week to level only to have to try and adhust playing based on titan timer. I think this is a good solution. I ahve also supported @dafrca’s idea of 1 of each flask instead of instant refill.

I like the ideas except #3. I totally agree that the cups system needs to reworked but a monthly reset would imo make the current situation even worse than it is.


Just to add one more here: Update the gameplay to not rely so heavily on luck to tackle challenges. The entire system seems to be set up on a design of “Get lucky with combos and win” or “get beaten often, go back to the store and try your luck at getting rarer heroes from the slot machine to overpower your bad luck.” That kind of game design is utilized waaaaaay too often in free to play RPGs to milk money out of it’s players.

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The extra experience could remain there, sort of in a cache, up to a certain amount of course. Therefore the person couldn’t do multiple levels within minutes. Of course if they did, they are the ones that wouldn’t be utilizing the energy of 3 categories fully.

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  1. trading loots or other things with Alliance (this is something many of my alliances want) :two_hearts: please make this happen)
  2. Daily rewards for playing on daily
  3. XP when raiding other.
  4. more challenges or special events or mini games or even games with alliances to make it more fun while waiting
  5. Summon same heros more than 3 times in a roll is not fair :frowning_face: or should create more heroes to summon
  6. able to buy heros
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We need animal heroes not just heroes that look like a human with animal features but actually mystic creatures that are heroes and two in one heroes if possible like Jekyll and Hyde stuff would be cool.