Suggestions for the convenience and development of the game

Players who play for more than 1.5 years and moderately donate become uninteresting. I suggest:
1 Make a cyclic auto win at the stages of the map. With a certain strength of the team, so that the fights generally end immediately (like on tickets). In order not to spend a lot of time, having the strength of a 4200+ team
2 In the war, show the number of remaining flags of the alliances directly on the battlefield. In order not to endlessly discover the state of the alliance
3 With a 100% chest of war and color, always give 4 * items, preferably one that is smaller. Otherwise, the existing heroes simply can not be pumped over for several years and the game loses its meaning.
4 Introduce an exchange of heroes between players for a reasonable fee
5 Introduce the exchange of resources between players (per% of crystals)
6 In the Academy of Heroes indicate the hero whom you want to receive. I do not want to change the fifth to blink and back for a bunch of crystals.

Without all this, it’s worth playing actively, and I don’t even see a donat at all.

  1. that’s exactly what tickets are for. Use them.
  2. is fine
  3. is totally outrageous. Breaks the main idea of RNG. Strongly against that. Same with 6.
    4, 5. also fine.

Pretty sure none of these ideas are new…








tickets are not free

  • that’s exactly what tickets are for. Use them is fine
  1. that’s exactly what tickets are for. Use them.
  2. Is fine
  3. 4, 5. also fine.

Yes, I know, I’m uninteresting. Why does everyone feel the need to continue pointing that out? :laughing:

Kidding… I assume you meant uninterested.

Most every idea has already been suggested at some time, and I agree that they need to add or change some aspects of the game to keep it interesting.

I actually had an idea myself earlier, while trying to finish my monster chest after accidentally “wasting” too many flags doing other stuff (Atlantis and recruits quest)… finding myself a few flags short of being able to fully finish my monster chest and grumbling at the prospect of waiting 30 minutes for 3 more WE flags (yet also unwilling to “waste” a whole WE refill flask just to do one more province stage)… what if… there was a way to “craft” smaller WE refills (for like 3 or 6 WE flags)? Would really help a lot when you’re pressed for time and just need a few more flags at that moment.


They are pretty free. Win wars and you’ll get them. Easy.
Not enough? Well, then you have to spend a penny. No one promised that you can have all the stuff for free.

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Hi there. All of your ideas are pre-existing; see @Guvnor’s post. Some ideas have been more popular than others (you can see by the number of votes).

As this is a wholly duplicate thread, it will be closed. Please add your vote(s) to the existing threads listed.


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