Suggestions for season 6

After completing the adventure in the hot sands of the Egyptian style land, Richard and his two girlfriends set back out to sea, only to be intercepted by a messenger of Poseidon, or perhaps Poseidon himself, and the heroes are told that another new land needs their help so they cannot return to their home just yet.

And this new land makes use of Heroes from the classic era as well as from the villains family.

Asterius would fit in absolutely perfectly in a Greek style land that is supposed to be controlled by Zeus, brother of Poseidon, which is why I am recommending Poseidon and his family being involved in the first phase or two of this suggested new season.

It would also be a perfect opportunity to make use of the newest member of the Atlantis family; the woman with the whales. I can’t remember her name.

And during a different phase of this hypothetical Quest, the story finally sees use of Layla, the two-star assassin girl who is literally on the main logo of this game.

I was figuring she could make a nice boss enemy for a cheap assassination attempt.

He’s trying to think of new fun ideas. Even with too much time, he doesn’t waste it being rude to other members.


As a boss enemy, of course. :smirk:

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Oceanus would also fit perfectly, if Season 6 turns out to be Greek style, with Gargarensis trying to unleash the Titans. :grin:

Why not wander in amazon forests and fighting with Mayans… And they can add local drug lords also…


Lost land of Annunakis…


I actually already suggested that many years ago when the game first introduced costumes.

I objected to them because they made the characters look out of place and suggested that instead new Heroes be introduced in a new season where we would find our main Heroes in a jungle from a Central and South American setting.

The idea came from the costumes of Azar and Kelile.

I was saying that instead of lazily redressing sub-Saharan African characters as Aztecs and Mayans, why not instead give us a quest or a season that involves new characters from those respective cultures? :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know if enough of their lore survived to the present day to be able to make a story out of them.

And hopefully the story here would result in something more glorious than the complete let down that was the season 4 ending.

I appreciate the battle not being too difficult for the boss ending unlike season 3, but the complete lack of a wrap up made season 4 ending feel like a waste of time; like the whole journey felt like a waste of time.

Despite being displayed as a main character, Professor Lidenbrock didn’t even make an appearance in the final several dialogue moments.

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Xnolphod deserves a second chance to resurrect his queen, Ursena, the Empress of the Depths! :smiling_imp:

This would also be a perfect opportunity to have Leonidas as a character. But he would need to be wearing his Greek costume instead of that stupid default outfit that he was given originally for some reason. :roll_eyes:


An alternate idea, yin and yang are out of balance and that is causing devastating weather shifts and tectonic upheavals in a land that looks like China but isn’t China because this is a fantasy universe.

Richard and his two girlfriends are climbing through mountains because they figure that taking a journey over mountains is a welcome break over constantly sailing through seas and tunneling underground.

And the far away mountains that they are exploring happen to be the border to an exotic land, and I’m thinking of the mountains of Tibet and the lush green ones that are to the north of that, or the lush Green mountains that are south of China but north of Siamese peninsula.

And in this campaign, the heroes and counter the members of the Kingdom family and the Journey family, and the vanilla hero known as Khagan would also fit right at home in this campaign, since he is obviously a Mongolian.

I think you should make your suggestions for season 7 or maybe 8. Season 6 is surely wrapped up and pretty much ready to roll. In fact, season 7 has probably already been decided on too…

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:

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Perhaps it is. Perhaps it is. :pensive:

With all the recent asian-inspired themed events w/ lunar new year, war of 3 kingdoms, then past heros from atlantis, etc., wonder if they will go that route.

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As a fan of pre-colonial Asian cultures, I can definitely say that I hate the Victorian age with a passion for destroying those cultures. :grin::pensive:

Greek Mythology should be Perfect for season 6,a lot of gods, Heroes and fameous humana van be 3,4,5 stara Heroes. And the end od season fight with Kronos at the top of Tartar.

I dunno, there is already a plenty of Greek Heroes/Gods out in game. Oceanus, Poseidon, Athena, Perseus, all of Styx … Styx itself makes me think S6 can’t be a Greek one, because there is already whole tower dedicated to it. Though they may extend it (Styx is only underworld, after all) and connect them. That would be neat.

But Classic Mythology is overused. How about Hindu one?

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Ok, you made me laugh :sweat_smile:

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Will there be a s6 at all?

Good question, I wouldn’t be surprised if there won’t be. I think last year we heard well in advance of S5, not when there was only 3 provinces left. Plus it’s a lot easier to just throw new heroes in existing portals and make money that way than having to design a complete new world with 36 provinces and a new game play. :wink: