I have a suggestion! an alliance u only have member,co-leader,leader…I think to show members in an alliance, that there dedication to the game they should put in different stages, example…member,elder,senior elder,master elder, and such etc. I think just stopping at elder doesn’t show enough appreciation I mean you can’t have everyone in an alliance as elder well my option anyways…any thoughts on this???.



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Why no? Some might think it’s a good idea!

There are already four stages: member, elder, co-leader, and leader. Each has distinct rights mechanically. My view is that four is enough, and adding titles without any linkage to game mechanics is a waste of a dev’s scarce time.


Well member is kind of the defult and Leader is only one person. I can live with one more role.

Something like junior member, member, Senior member (instead of elder).

I am not really a programmer, but I am pretty sure it will take no more than 10 minutes to code a new role.

How high can u level up a 2* troop? I’m stuck on level 15 n upgraded barracks n still won’t go past level 15. Is this the end?

For 2 star troops, I think level 15 is the max :slight_smile: 20 for lrvrl 3 and 30 for level 4 :slight_smile: