[Suggestion] Wu Kong costumes

Wu Kong Costumes

I would love Wu Kong costumes that replace Gambler’s stance with

Beach Wu Kong

Martial stance
All allies get +80% normal attack for 5 turns. Stacks with effects up to a maximum of +140% normal attack.

Average mana speed

Clockwork Wu Kong

Mystic’s stance

  • All allies get +195% attack and -35% accuracy that only applies when enemy has more health than the attacker. Effect last for 5 turns.
  • Caster, and nearby, gets +46% defense against target’s color for 5 turns ( dispellable)

Fast mana speed

Mini Tarlak :heart_decoration: (added my vote)


Bumping again, cuz I really would love to see an easier to get Tarlak/Miki alternative for all players :heart:


I added my vote. Would love to see it soon.

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Would be fun to see a Wu costume.

5 o’clock Somewhere Wu Kong

Drunken Monkey
All allies get -20% attack, +60% crit, and -35% accuracy. They’re not bothering anybody so leave them in the corner for 3 turns until they sober up. Special Skills or alcoholic beverages will renew this effect.


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