[Suggestion] Wu Kong costumes

Wu Kong Costumes

I would love Wu Kong costumes that replace Gambler’s stance with

Beach Wu Kong

Martial stance
All allies get +80% normal attack for 5 turns. Stacks with effects up to a maximum of +140% normal attack.

Average mana speed

Clockwork Wu Kong

Mystic’s stance

  • All allies get +195% attack and -35% accuracy that only applies when enemy has more health than the attacker. Effect last for 5 turns.
  • Caster, and nearby, gets +46% defense against target’s color for 5 turns ( dispellable)

Fast mana speed

Mini Tarlak :heart_decoration: (added my vote)


Bumping again, cuz I really would love to see an easier to get Tarlak/Miki alternative for all players :heart:


I added my vote. Would love to see it soon.

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Would be fun to see a Wu costume.

5 o’clock Somewhere Wu Kong

Drunken Monkey
All allies get -20% attack, +60% crit, and -35% accuracy. They’re not bothering anybody so leave them in the corner for 3 turns until they sober up. Special Skills or alcoholic beverages will renew this effect.


No way guys, you got it all wrong. Wu does not need a variation on what he already does. He’s already a Titan slayer. Don’t remake him into the same thing he already is.

Wu needs to become what the game actually needs very badly right now…Wu the yellow 4* Black Knight!! Wu the tank! We need better yellow tanks. There’s a gap there. Fill it!

Think of it! He mitigates damage based on randomness just like he multiplies damage based on randomness. Like BK does his 50% chance to drop damage to 1. Give Wu that power! There are no 4* “taunt” heroes. Make Wu that!

Wu Tank Clan!
Wu Tank Clan!
Wu Tank Clan!

Spread the word if you think this is a good idea



Special Ability Option 1:

Snake Eyes

  • The caster has 50% chance to drop any received damage to 2 for 3 turns (Get it? Snake Eyes)
  • The caster gets Taunt that prevents enemies from using Special Skills on the caster’s allies for 3 turns
  • All Allies get +35% attack, and a further 20% increase every time they are hit during 3 turns

This is essentially Black Knights exact ability, reduced slightly because a 4* should not have the same special ability power level as a 5* IMO.

You guys know that this would be epic. A premier 4* yellow tank for the masses. Make yellow tank strategy relevent! Change the meta of the game in a positive way immediately. Everyone has a frickin Wu Titan buster! Now everyone can have a Wu Tank Clan!


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By the way, they could easily put a microphone in his hand for his new look, and make him the lead singer of the rock and roll band started by Tiburtus and Kiril. Throw Scarlet behind a drum set and 1 more 4* for the complete band. Boom! E&P rock star defense team!


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Special Ability Option 2:

Double Down

  • The caster has a 35% chance to reflect 200% of any damage received from special skills for 3 turns (Get it? Double Down)
  • The caster gets Taunt that prevent enemies from using Special Skills on the caster’s allies for 3 turns

I love this special ability concept for Wu, because it essentially forces the attacker to either “gamble” and attack Wu, or “fold” and choose not to attack until the special ability has expired.

I would love to see this or a variation of it for Wu.

Wu Tank Clan!
Wu Tank Clan!
Wu Tank Clan!


Please share #wutankclan if you support this concept.

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100% OT, but I’m tagging your avatar for this fanboy thread, love that gorilla king :+1:

Also, Wu Tank Clan is freakin’ awesome and I can’t believe nobody has claimed it yet for their alliance! I hope you don’t mind if I crosspost you here, that name is gold!

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Thank you @Disposable!!! Please feel free to share and thank you for the support!


I love the Idea, I think it might be a little bit too close to BK, so maybe a little nerf in the skill would be needed. However, I am on that #wutankclan bandwagon!

Okay, now this made me think because I never thought about Wu Kong getting a buff in which his ability mimicked Tarlak’s or Miki’s. That would actually make me using him more often feel great! Maybe an added increase in critical chance (so the heroes are almost always dealing more damage).

Wouldn’t be against this either, though despite them changing Atomos’ mana speed, I doubt they’re doing the same with costumes, which is unfortunate, but I kinda get it. Mini Ranvir!

Thanks Neiko!!! Appreciate the support!!

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The last round of hero costumes hasn’t entered beta yet. We still have time to support #wutankclan

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I have suggestion about Scarlett costume- make her 4* Azar : for ex. 195dmg to the target and nearby enemies and reduce mana of target and nerby enemies by 18%

I have a suggestion for Chao’s costume, his special can be re-written as:
Summon a Hawk minion for each ally, and recover 30% health for all allies
I think this would be a great change for Chao since yellow needs a 4* season 1 healer.

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