[Suggestion] War- visible button for Attack History & Top Attackers

[Suggestion] War- visible button for Attack History & Top Attackers

On my second war, while trying to close the Battlefield, I accidentally hit the most recent three attacks.

Imagine my surprise when the Attack Info menu opened with the Attack History button and the Top Attackers button. My alliance had been manually watching the war ( which if fun ) to track attacks. This was MUCH more helpful and informative for setting up future raid defense teams.

Please do not continue to hide it, please add a visible button, or better yet, add a visible button AND default to this menu when the Battlefield is opened for the first time after halftime ( when the final 3 war energy is awarded ).


And add an Export button to save a CSV version of the information for analysis.


This would be nice for titan tracking as well


== Alliance Chat ==

[#00FF00] War Tip: [#FFFFFF] if you tap on the 3 pairs of names in the upper right side of the Battle field, it will expand from the 3 most recent entries in Attack History, to the full list. This is the Attack Info menu and also contains the Top Attackers leaderboard for the current war.

I didn’t know this wasn’t common knowledge, I guess it is kinda hidden but I’ve been keeping track of the top 10 scorers to see if there’s a trend.

So far, in the 3 wars I’ve partaken in, the alliance with more members in the top 10 before the second set of 3 flags arrives wins.

Yeah I keep track of weird stuff…

==Alliance Chat ==

That’s new, the Top Attackers list now has all the players, but a zero if they haven’t fought yet.

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