[Suggestion] VIP Pass

[Suggestion] VIP Pass

[Edit: remove inflammatory message]. A VIP pass would last 30 days.

$1 / month tier
Bronze Monthly Avatar (permanent, thanks for supporting the Devs)
+10% all loot rolls (expires when lapsed)

$2 / month tier
above bonuses
Silver Monthly Avatar (permanent, thanks for supporting the Devs)
4th & 5th team slots (expires when lapsed)

$5 / month tier
above bonuses
Gold Monthly Avatar (permanent, thanks for supporting the Devs)
1 Dungeon ticket / player 10 levels/ day (pay the world energy for a dungeon but skip straight to rewards screen).
1 Building ticket / player 10 levels/ day (removes 12 hours from remaining building time).

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How about you buy gems to help the devs feed their families? If you have maxed out 5* heroes I already know you’re helping the devs feed their families (not that I care that much).

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How about you give yourself time to learn the game? Say six months, then if you are as lucky as I have been you may have some five star heroes. Good luck!

Before December I spent $56 USD on game. Unfortunately I have nothing to spend my gems on so they are just sitting on my account, discouraging me from giving the Devs more of my money.

Most of the bundles in the game are either really good (Black Friday sale) or terrible (x10 pull).


That’s what I was saying. I don’t care how much people spend, or who spends the most, but it seems you’d like everyone to know. You should brag by having the best heroes and the best team, IMO, not with an avatar and suggesting what perks you should have.
Figure out how to use the gems and knowledge of the game to be strong in the game.

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Except bonus loot rolls, all the suggested perks were based on Dev feedback:

As a former developer for a MMORPG, I like the intention behind this idea. Small Giant needs to be able to put together budgets, and it’s tough to predict revenue streams from ad hoc in-game purchases.

The OP has outlined some in-game perks that aren’t unbalancing. If you don’t like the particular ideas, what else could be offered to induce a steady trickle income without providing unreasonable benefit?

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I’m pretty sure the idea of VIP Pass, Premium Membership, Gold Status or whatever you want to call it crossed the minds of the E&P game designers. I’m glad it’s something they have not implemented.

Touching how some players want so much to help SG. Not in ways you could help them now, but in some other ways.

Personally not a fan of this idea. If you want to pay in the game, you’ve so many ways to spend the gems.

  • Buy packs to roll an ascension item from it - similar result to higher drop rate.
  • Pay gems to finish a building with however much time remaining you want to shove off - similar to the buolding ticket
  • Dungeon ticket is unnecessary since it’s basically the same thing as skipping autoplay and that’s in plans and not barred by people having to pay for it, but coding, I’d guess
  • Limiting team slots for people who cannot afford to pay would feel really bad for them. It’s a quality-of-life adjustment to make the gameplay more fluent and pleasant. If you want to buy some convenience, you can expand your hero roster size by buying gems and paying for the additional slots :slight_smile:

Additionally you can:

  • Buy a buttload of troop tokens and roll troops until you’ve a complete set of lvl 30 troops, two per color. They’ll be useful and you’ll be broke :slight_smile:
  • You can use gems to skip waiting time on wanted chests - three times a day I think? It will help you accelerate your elemental chest, possibly, and cost you a moderate amount of gems.
  • Roll on Event Summons. New events with new heroes will come so plenty of stuff you don’t have that you can spend more gems on :slight_smile:

I believe there’s >at least< 300,000 players actively playing this game, judging by the ranks of low-ranking active players and the Beginner event ladder. Might be many more. I think you needn’t worry so much about the developers’ pockets here, but if you want to support them further, by all means, buy gems and build up your power :slight_smile:

That is it. @Rook, you can close this topic.

Yea… but what’s the point of asking to close a topic in which nobody posted in half a year?

BTW @Gryphonknight congrats!

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You can like any replies on a closed topic, but you cannot waste a Forum vote on it and you cannot continue the conversation.

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At your request, Gryphonknight. :wink:

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