[Suggestion] VIP PASS add +2 to all energy bars

You could reinvent flasks at the same time!

I suggest flasks be sold in bundles of 3x +1 Titan energy or 6x +1 raid energy or 4x +3 WE in a different topic.

Lots of time my alliance only want to spend 1 titan energy or 1 raid energy. This would be insanely popular in my alliance. Our main reason for avoiding flasks is, we do not want to fight harder titans next time. But it can be nerve racking waiting for someone to log in when the titan has less than 100 HP. All I need is 1 energy and an Arrow attack.

I like it!

Thats some nice extra benefit to VIP, especially with the re-introduction of 13* and 14* titans.

Everybody can afford VIP, some just choose not to buy it.

As long as the VIP price doesnt go up.

Good one, quality of life improvement, without a balance issue (free players can still manage titans etc. with the same efficiency, just paying more attention instead of $). Exactly what VIP should be adding (I would even sacrifice the non-sense extra daily summon, which is laughable for everyone who spent more than a month on this game).


No offense, but is dumbest suggestion I found on this forum so far… I have more chances at twins in a jacuzzi, than 2 more titan flags. The next thing to suggest, to refund the flags when the hits are under 20k :rofl:

Would be awesome. But yeah, would may be too op for titans lol. But for the other energies, why not

I have to agree with @H0fm4nN regarding the issue with titans. I agree that some alliances may want to use it for higher titans, but the whole point of hitting titans is teamwork and some alliances may try to compulsively make people buy VIP. I have bought one significant package from this game which was the Valentine’s day offer, I personally believe that more offers like that would be more beneficial for SG than the VIP which already gives plenty of additional goodies to the buyer.

Finally I will add that as a co-leader of an alliance I can see myself choosing to buy VIP once I am off a college student’s budget. In other words I feel college students would likely be more incentivized by an offer similar to the Valentine’s day offer and might consider VIP later even as it stands now and with no need to risk an over balance on titans. I would still like to see this discussion had, but overall I think it needs refinement before I can make a decision about my personal vote.

Good luck to everyone on the game.

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People already wake up in the middle of the night to use titan energy.

Titan flasks cannot be bought in the shop.

Alliances already have rules for flasks. Currently I have 27x titan flasks because my alliance does not use them.

I would like your reasoning for this being OP.

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Because it’d be really hard for non-VIP players to reach A grade if all VIP players get almost twice the amount of hits on the titan.

Although C Grade is where all the good loot can be found - No? :wink:

Btw @Scarecrow saying something is “the dumbest suggestion” does nothing but cause offense, as you give no justification for your opinion.

Back to the OP, extra flags would be an added incentive for a vip pass, although I can’t imagine SG wouldn’t raise the price for such an offer.


lol true :stuck_out_tongue:

Other reason then: I think it’d be very bad if the titan damage output of alliances with all VIPs is increased by 66%. Pretty much every serious alliance will be able to down 12 star titans that way.

I think a few extra WE/RE for VIP is a cool idea since it doesn’t give a huge advantage while adding more fun, but almost doubling the titan flags is too much.


Not sure if you realize that if you start a titan with 5 flags, you still only get 1 flag every 4 hours like everyone else. After using 5 flags, you get 5 new flags only after 20 hours. So for the next titan, you may not have all 5 flags at the beginning. The one big advantage would then be when using flasks. Which may be OP, but can easily be fixed by having flasks getting you only 3 flags back. But most higher-end alliances have strict rules on using titan flasks, so it would not necessarily be such an big issue. So the change from 3 to 5 titan flags is only more comfort for VIP buyers. You can use 5 flags and be offline for 20 hours without losing a flag, instead of 12 hours.


Ah you’re right of course! My mistake… That makes it a whole lot less advantageous indeed.

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You could reinvent flasks at the same time!

Instead of 1 flask, sell a bundle of 3x +1 Titan energy mini-flasks.

Convert all current flasks into 3x +1 Titan energy mini-flasks.

([Suggestion] Buying 3 WE, 1 RE, & 1 AE)

20 quoted energy characters