Suggestion: Vacation and Babysitting

Hey guys, long time lurker, but I don’t post often.

I’d like to make a couple of suggestions that would help me out as an Alliance leader and think it would help others as well.

  1. Vacation mode

If someone is leaving to go to vacation, the could use gems to purchase vacation mode. It would temporarily remove them from your “active roster”. They’d still take up a spot in the Alliance, but wouldn’t be able to participate in War/Titans/Raids. It would last a minimum of 24 hours, with a max of 72. During that time they are basically a ghost. It would help during War, and keep you from getting over-raided if you can’t get online.

  1. Babysitting

Similar to vacation mode, it would be used if someone was leaving for a period of time. Instead of them being removed, though, someone else designated in the Alliance would have access to their account. They would have basically every function, except spending gems or purchasing items. This would be a minimum of 24 hours, with a max of 72 as well.

After the 72 hour mark with each, the person would be pushed back to active or in own control. They could then log in and reactivate if necessary.

I think both would be beneficial not only for the individuals, but the people the are teaming with.

I also have other ideas regarding trading, but that’s for a different post.

This is a great idea. I’ve seen something like “vacation mode” in several other games usually referred to as a shield. The sheild prevents the player from being attacked for a certain period of time and in some games the time frame that you are protected by the sheild is cumulative. For example if one knew in advance that they would not be available they could deploy a 12 or 24 hour sheild. For longer periods of planned inactivity they could use multiple shields at once. For example 3 of the 24 hour shields would keep you safe for 72 hours without having to redeploy a sheild. One could still manage their day to operations but if they were to attack anything or anyone, the sheild would immediately drop. Does that sound like it would be in the spirit of what you were proposing?

The Babysitting option is a terrible idea…

who is going to use gems to purchase something if they are going away?

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