[Suggestion] Treat costumes like troops, locked in/equipped per team

Patience… :wink: I had 6 months the level 13 training camp running non stop and didn’t receive a single 4* hero. Level 20 camp gives much better results.

As much as I like your idea, I do not think the developers will implement something like that.

This whole game is built on the concept that you only have a CHANCE of getting good heroes; and there is no way of guaranteeing what hero you receive. This is actually what keeps this game going and players paying.

That being said, the upcoming Hero Academy MIGHT have a feature that lets us make better use of duplicate heroes. However, we still do not know exactly what it will do; and no one knows even when it is going to come out.

There are couple of things about the costumes.

It should not cost the same to puling the heroes and its getting too deep… chance to, get a chance, to get a chance like a chain of dream sequence in Inception.

It does not make sense to have the Hero class changed with the costume but we cant provide emblems to the new class. If we cant extend the existing emblems with the new class at least it should be possible if we reset the old one and fresh start emblems on the costume side of hero!

Thank you for listening!

I created an account just to comment on this.

So I spent the last week getting my Rigard costume to max, and I can’t even use it because it is connected to an ongoing tournament???

That makes no sense.

Raid tournaments and alliance war teams should be separate from your regular teams.

It makes no sense to have your players locked out from using a costume during normal day-to-day farming.

I’m stuck with the regular Rigard all week because of this.

Huge kick, but I still like this idea. Now that costume in use no longer locks the option, it is better, but still… Would be nice if costumed or not is tied to the team.

For example: regular tibertus is better for titan (longer duration), but costume is better in raid (hits all). So I want regular in my titan team, but costume when raiding, and I frequently forget to change costume.

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So last night before bed I luckily remembered to tweak my tourney defense to use the correct costumes (or lack thereof) for this no green four star buff tourney. Obviously costume Sabina >> regular Sabina on D for this tourney. Unfortunately, if I use an alternate version of any of these heroes today, I will have to re-remember to change it before the tourney starts.

I would consider allowing you to lock in your costume or no costume hero in your tourney D and then change that hero’s costume throughout Sunday (or Monday in this case) without it changing your tourney D.

What do you think?

It should lock for every group and war defense

That would get my vote. So yes from me.
And it certainly would be a bonus as part of QOL

Yes. For sure but for some reason SG wants to make things challenging for us. But in the case of tourney D and having to do it twice (Sunday night and Monday night) seems like they should throw us a bone as an exception at least today.


Thanks for the merge.

I’ll just add a quick complaint…

Around the new year, we were told that there would be this list of new things coming out in 2021. One of those things listed was “Quality of Life” improvements. So far I haven’t seen one yet unless upgrading my s*#%ty S1 five stars counts.

This would be a great place to start implementing the advertised Quality of Life improvement. Don’t make me have to remember (for the second night in a row I should add) to use Costume Sabina (that chick slays so good in buff booster tourney) instead of regular Sabina this evening before bed. Please consider allowing players to lock the costume or not in tourney defenses (and war defenses) at least.

É irritante, que no inicio da guerra ou torneio deparar com uma equipa diferente da montada…
Google translator:
It is irritating, that at the beginning of the war or tournament you encounter a different team than the mounted one.

Annoying af. You prepare a team for wars or tourneys and then can’t change any costumes because they will change everywhere and you forget about it…
Sorry but this is a simple issue that should have been fixed long time ago.

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Well this got moved to a different thread so I’ll repost my complaint.

The real complaint is that we were told there would be quality of life improvement in 2021 and I haven’t seen one yet unless buffing Domitia is considered this “quality of life improvement.”

One specific area which would be nice to see a QoL improvement would be to allow you to lock in your choice of costume or not costume when setting certain defenses such as war or tourney. As of now we have to set our tourney defense and then at some point after we are done playing for the day and our heroes costumes won’t be changing back and forth anymore, change our tourney defense again to how we want it.

I’d love to see this change OR at least have SG acknowledge that it sucks for us.

Do you consider any part of v38 changes to be improvements to quality of life?

Thanks for linking this.

No. None of these are quality of life improvements. Do you think some are?

To me, QoL improvements are modifications that allow me to enjoy the game’s best features while decreasing some of the “grinding” aspects of the game. I say “grinding” because it’s a fitting word that encompasses a variety of things.

For instance, not having to think about ENP before bed to make sure my tourney team has the appropriate costumes.

Another example would be to allow moving recruits between training centers with a slider bar. Right now it’s a tedious process to reduce recruits until max and then reapportion them somewhere else.

Or stacking troops in your inventory which would help with planning troop upgrades without scrolling through hundreds of yellow one star troops before getting to your red three star troops.

Or stacking autoplay (and if this doesn’t let SG sell more loot tickets then make this feature for just VIP).


I consider wave counter to be a QoL improvement. It’s one of the most upvoted ideas on the forum.

Not specific to this release I consider the four week schedule a quality of life improvement (more content in less time aka more loot in less time and more engagement (I understand this is a negative for many)).

I don’t think SG takes enough credit for QoL improvements they do make. Or at least I don’t think we, the general community, recognize the small improvements.

I don’t disagree with any of your suggestions. I’m all for making things take less clicks/taps. All of what you said makes sense and seems relatively easy when I hear it.

Maybe I’ll just take anything good that comes and I’m too easy.

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Displaying stage count is more QoL for me, and it’s appreciated. Credits for this to SG.
My next most wanted would be chaining auto-play and improving it for S3 and S4, i.e. automatically prioritizing clearing special tiles on auto.

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I definitely think wave count is a good improvement. And when I read that list you sent through I figured that I needed to define QoL if I were to say No to there being QoL improvements on the list. But you said it better, things that make the mundane portions of the game less clickey.

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Or if not stackable (or chaining) autoplay, how about autoplay runs at 2x or 3x speed. Let me farm up my WE and then let me get back to teaching my kid how to ride a bike.

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sadly the devs dont care about the players “convenience” … just the money… pay them handsomely and you MIGHT get a little convenience

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