[Suggestion] Treat costumes like troops, locked in/equipped per team

[Suggestion] Treat costumes like troops, locked in per team

Defense team

Roster wide lock

I understand that you cannot change a defense once war, and tourneys, start.


Treat costumes like troops were each team has the costume locked in. Not the whole roster.

Boldtusk is not forced to always use the same 3* troops. Especially when color stacking or fighting titans.

But it is gorram frakking annoying that I cannot use a base FIGHTER Boldtusk for a defense team and a costume MONK Boldtusk for Monk Class quest!!!

Many of the costume special skills are meh. The costume does not change the mana speed ( my number one desire ) or hero color ( would also be cool ).

The single best aspect of costumes is using fully leveled, or emblemed, heroes, ( especially healers ) on class quests were your roster is weak, or missing healers.

Attack versus defense


FIGHTER Boldtusk, is awesome on defense.

MONK Boldtusk, is awesome on defense.

But I want to use Boldtusk on attack for the 5/5 Revive or 5/5 Withstand or Huge attack buff or improved % healing.

By locking my Boldtusk after putting it on any defense team, you are encouraging me to never put my Boldtusk on defense.


MONK Bane is awesome on defense and attack.

But I want to use Bane on attack for 5/5 Withstand or 5/5 Pierce or higher base HP or improved normal/ matching/ physical damage or improved accuracy debuff.

By locking my Bane after putting it on any defense team, you are encouraging me to never put my Bane on defense.

Defense team icon

Please add the Defense team icon to heroes in the roster on a defense team.

Full color if that version ( base hero or costume ) is on a defense teams.


Greyed out ( faded mono color ) if that hero is on a defense team but that version ( base hero or costume ) is not on a defense team.



Titans are random spawn.
Rare titans are random spawn.
Rare Quests are random spawn.
Alliance war is random matching.
Raiding is random matchmaking

There is no way I can tell if I want my Boldtusk to be fighter or monk each day.

There is no way I can tell if I want my Bane to be monk or ranger each day.

Locking in the version of a hero for the defense team for war, or tourney, makes sense.


Treat costumes like troops were each team has the costume locked in. Not the whole roster.

Boldtusk is not forced to always use the same 3* troops. Especially when color stacking or fighting titans.


I agree with some of this, but I think of it like the hero being active/ in use.

When they are in the defence team, they are always active & on duty (in use), whereas in other spots like titans and raids etc, they are only active/ in use for that specific battle, rest of the time they’re chilling in your roster…

Does that make sense?

Gorram frakking roster wide lock/ change.

Every time I changed Boldtusk to fighter Boldtusk, it removes monk Boldtusk from Trials of Justice team.

Since you cannot change trial teams after you complete them, and class quests are on a 5 week cycle, empty slots on class quest teams are going to be gorram frakking annoying.

Especially if the class quest teams are kept active on the server but hidden by the GUI. Then every time you change a hero for the next 5 weeks, it will be removed from 4 class quest teams ( looking at you Boldtusk ) leaving a mystery empty slot. As more costumes are added, you could have FIVE empty slots on a class quest team.




Class quest rotation

I agee that costumes should be “treated as troops”. If I am in a tournament with a costume hero I cannot use it with a different costume in wars, etc. for the duration of the entire tournament. That does not make any sense to me. Please fix!!

Trials of Strength just did this again.

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I totally get it, and it totally makes sense, but the RPG aspect of E&P is really weak. I mean, and please don’t take this personally, it’s the game we’re talking about, I can take a hero and slog through my full WE, six raids, three titan hits, five RT flags, and six AW flags, and they’re just as effective on the first attack as the last. They magically teleport between Corellia and Atlantis despite it requiring a long journey by ship the first time. And while all that is all happening, they’re also defending attacks in the RT and AW, at the same time. In addition, they go on defense as soon as I log out.

So yes, a costumed hero is the same hero, but there’s literally no in-game precedent for disallowing the two entities to coexist. The closest thing is that I can’t feed a troop or hero that is assigned to a fixed defense team. But even that is an argument in favor of allowing this change, because I’m allowed to train those troops and heroes while they’re actively on defense! Chef BT has a frying pan in one hand and a cookbook in the other…

It’s like saying all the stuff I mentioned above is perfectly allowable, but throwing on an apron and chef’s hat is too much for the hero to handle on the fly. Furthermore, since we are required to train both the hero and the costume, we are essentially dual-classing the hero, in which case all of the training and ability is constantly available to the hero, but for simplicity’s sake, we pick one or the other to go into battle (though I could get behind treating the costumes as stances and allowing the hero to switch stances mid-fight - but that’s for another idea thread).

So yes, I totally get your point, but I don’t think there’s enough thematic precedent. To me, it just feels like lazy programming to not add a bit field to the defense team object that denotes whether the defense team hero is costumed or not, and instead place that bit field directly on the hero object and propagate it everywhere that hero is used.

came in here to suggest the same thing!
this costume lock severely limits costume usability for good heroes. and for bad rarely used heroes - who cares.
tournaments can lock it for 5 days. wars can lock it for 2 days. we are basically left with just the stats bonus.
and they call it a costume - something as easily donned as grabbing your weapons when going to defend in tournaments and wars.
in my opinion, this is a bigger disappointment than availability of costumes (meaning portal summons for gems or very scarce keys).


Let me explain what I mean.

I have Tiburtus and Tiburtus costume, both maxed. For my farming team, I like to use the costume because it attacks all, so faster farming. But for my raid team, I like to use the regular Tiburtus for higher concentrated damage.

However, under the current system, if I equip/unequip the costume, I do it for all teams. So, when I farm, I have to first equip the costume; then when I raid, I have to make sure I unequip. I have to do this several times a day and it is a bit laborious. Not to mention if I accidentally forget to equip or unequip, I would bring the wrong hero to a fight, which is inconvenient.

So, could we have the ability to equip/unequip costume for each separate team? Namely, the costumed Tiburtus stays on my farming team and regular Tiburtus on my raid team, so I do not have to switch back and forth constantly. That would be really helpful.

Thank you!

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Is this what you mean?

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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It would be even better if it had Ascension Sundays or something where you can receive ONE Ascension item from alliance members and even my Rare Wednesday where you could do the same for a 3* or lower hero maybe limit 3 per Wednesday. It would take away some of the frustration of total chance and encourage team play.

Can something be done about the level 20 training grounds chances for NEW heroes. I now have 3 Kadelin and 2 of Richard. That’s running two level 20s constant and those are my results. Maybe something where your existing heroes aren’t in the pool you summon from or if you get a duplicate you can reroll it for MINIMAL cost for a different hero of the same star power.

Patience… :wink: I had 6 months the level 13 training camp running non stop and didn’t receive a single 4* hero. Level 20 camp gives much better results.

As much as I like your idea, I do not think the developers will implement something like that.

This whole game is built on the concept that you only have a CHANCE of getting good heroes; and there is no way of guaranteeing what hero you receive. This is actually what keeps this game going and players paying.

That being said, the upcoming Hero Academy MIGHT have a feature that lets us make better use of duplicate heroes. However, we still do not know exactly what it will do; and no one knows even when it is going to come out.

There are couple of things about the costumes.

It should not cost the same to puling the heroes and its getting too deep… chance to, get a chance, to get a chance like a chain of dream sequence in Inception.

It does not make sense to have the Hero class changed with the costume but we cant provide emblems to the new class. If we cant extend the existing emblems with the new class at least it should be possible if we reset the old one and fresh start emblems on the costume side of hero!

Thank you for listening!

I created an account just to comment on this.

So I spent the last week getting my Rigard costume to max, and I can’t even use it because it is connected to an ongoing tournament???

That makes no sense.

Raid tournaments and alliance war teams should be separate from your regular teams.

It makes no sense to have your players locked out from using a costume during normal day-to-day farming.

I’m stuck with the regular Rigard all week because of this.

Huge kick, but I still like this idea. Now that costume in use no longer locks the option, it is better, but still… Would be nice if costumed or not is tied to the team.

For example: regular tibertus is better for titan (longer duration), but costume is better in raid (hits all). So I want regular in my titan team, but costume when raiding, and I frequently forget to change costume.

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So last night before bed I luckily remembered to tweak my tourney defense to use the correct costumes (or lack thereof) for this no green four star buff tourney. Obviously costume Sabina >> regular Sabina on D for this tourney. Unfortunately, if I use an alternate version of any of these heroes today, I will have to re-remember to change it before the tourney starts.

I would consider allowing you to lock in your costume or no costume hero in your tourney D and then change that hero’s costume throughout Sunday (or Monday in this case) without it changing your tourney D.

What do you think?

It should lock for every group and war defense

That would get my vote. So yes from me.
And it certainly would be a bonus as part of QOL

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