[Suggestion] Trainer heroes use zero roster space

[Suggestion] Trainer heroes use zero roster space

Similar to costumes, give Trainer heroes their own page.

The page does not count as roster space.

The page has no limit.

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Thought bout it few days ago and would be awesome

Also add a page for dupes waiting on hero academy and make em all look old as hell

Lol jk bout the dupe page but a page for trainers would be nice since they’re not even really heroes


Up voted…
…As long as it doesn’t prevent me from raiding all the elites with my superstar all 4* trainer teams.


I thought they already did this for blue heroes

Click here

Newly summoned

Duplicate waiting for Hero Academy



Yeah recall you mention this before on another post.
A good idea! As they sell the packs for trainer heros, if there separate from main roster could sell more as don’t clutter up!
But then you prob gonna get people moaning that all the spenders can get all the trainers and keep them! :woman_shrugging: Like they don’t level them quick enough as it is! I’m for them be separated as benfits everyone

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Would be a great to have in game. Upvoted!

I get SG needs to sell us some stuff, one of them roster space, you know the one where we keep the heroes, but it would be a nice feature for us players to be able to stack trainers heroes, they are food anyway, not just all of them together but sorted by their colors and stars like 13X 3 :star: Red trainers heroes… just an idea and that way we use the space basically for its natural purpose… HEROES.

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